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Each man has his own idea of his perfect girlfriend or wife. As you know, appearance does not play the most important role when it comes to serious relationships. However, some guys consider a woman’s attractiveness as one of the important criteria. At the same time, each guy has his own idea of what attractiveness is. So, many men prefer women with curvaceous.  As women of larger sizes become more and more popular, BBW dating site has been designed to simplifies BBW women dating.
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Overview of Most Popular Adult Dating Sites

Best BBW Dating Sites 

As the popularity of plus size dating is growing rapidly, you may encounter a problem of choice, as the online dating market is crowded – there are many sites offering big single women search services. However, we have done some serious work to make a list of the best big women dating sites for you. With our websites you can avoid unnecessary expenses and also save your time.  In addition, we carefully studied each big beautiful dating network for a fraud protection system. Browse our reviews of the best chubby dating web services to choose the one that suits you best.

BBW Dating – What is It?

If you happen to be here by accident and don’t know what the “BBW” abbreviation means, then its decoding is ‘Big Beautiful Women’. As more and more men find women of this type attractive, this term has become common. In addition, BBW is also associated with the adult entertainment industry. It characterizes the category of women of large size, which cause sexual desire in some guys. Actual, BBW in this context means a certain fetish. However, as you have understood, the meaning of this term has become much broader and now covers dating sites for BBW.

Some men mistakenly believe that the term ‘BBW’ means ‘Big Black Women’. Although it is used by some, but it is not the original abbreviation. You have probably seen beautiful curvaceous models in a TV show or underwear advertisement. Now you can meet such attractive large-size girls through our BBW online dating websites. If girls of this type are actually attractive to you, we recommend registering on one or more of the websites listed below.

List of Best BBW Dating Services

Since BBW dating has always enjoyed certain popularity, this website has been functioning for over 18 years (created in 2001) and is constantly improving its functionality to meet current trends. Despite the simplicity of design and interface, users are offered a good set of powerful tools to find the perfect match, flirt and chat with large attractive women. Many consider this site to be the BBW finder of number one. You can register your profile for free here – this is necessary to access the database with attractive women. offers a simple profile registration process. You need to fill out the fields of the questionnaire and answer a few questions. Since this big girl dating website uses a smart algorithm for finding the perfect match, you should provide only reliable information about yourself – this will help make the search for a soulmate much more effective. Since the site contains blog and forum sections, you can interact with most of its audience on a free subscription basis. However, a Gold account – which will cost about $ 16 per month for a six-month subscription – will open you access to advanced functionality, including the ability to send messages to any users and much more. is one of the most successful websites, as evidenced by references in reputable media – Forbes and the Wall Street Journal and others. It amazingly combines a good design and an extended set of functions. In addition, this dating sites for BBW has gathered a large audience of users. This means that you do not spend much effort and time searching for your perfect big beautiful woman.


This website is suitable for those men who are looking for big attractive women for several meetings or forging a serious relationship. BWBCupid was designed specifically for large women as well as men who like BB ladies. The functionality of this web service allows to find the perfect match for every registered user. Its owner is a large company that has launched dozens of dating sites covering the most popular areas of the online dating market.  Thanks to their experience, BWBCupid will be your best assistant for finding the right BBW singles.

The first – and most important – feature of this website is that most of its functions are available absolutely for free. The second feature is that tens of thousands of people regularly visit it, that is, you can quickly find a partner or friend. However, if you want to get all the benefits of BBWCupid, then we recommend that you activate a Gold account. The cost of a paid subscription depends on the selected period – 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, a year. Of course, an annual subscription is the most inexpensive option, since the cost of using services per month will be a little more than $ 8.

Here are the features that will become available to you after purchasing a gold membership:

  1. Sending and reading messages from any users;
  2. Convenient web chat for instant messaging;
  3. The best ranking of the profile among others, so the perfect matches finding process will be faster;
  4. BWBCupid will not show you ads.

In addition, you can purchase Premium membership, which will provide access to the built-in video call service, the functionality of fine-tuning the profile and some other functions.

This website, with its good set of tools available even with a free subscription, is almost perfect for finding BBWs. If you want your search results to be more accurate, you can sign up for a paid subscription. However, this condition is not mandatory as paid membership is lifelong.


This website may seem like a novice to the rest as it was created in 2011 (8 years on the BBW dating market). However, it surpasses many competitors in various parameters. Firstly, it has a simple and convenient interface without frills and incomprehensible settings. Secondly, it uses an efficient algorithm to find perfect matches. Thirdly, it opens almost all of its functions on a free subscription basis – there is one thing here that we will discuss below.

So, after a simple registration procedure, you will get access to the following features of this plus size dating website:

  1. Upload personal photos and even create separate photo albums;
  2. Use the search of right partner functionality – basic and advanced search tools;
  3. Send quick messages to any profile with a convenient live chat;
  4. Flirt with other participants using special tools, such as winking;
  5. Create a list of selected users which will include those you like;
  6. Use the forum and blog sections to further interact with the audience of the website;
  7. Detailed profile information as well as visit data.

If you want to access some more powerful features, you can get a paid subscription. Keep in mind that you must have a PayPal account since BBWAdmire only accepts payments through this payment gateway. Paid membership offers two important benefits – video chat access and an advanced search algorithm. However, you can easily find your best BBW without paying a cent for using BBWAdmire services.


If you want to find the best platform bringing together BBWs and their fans, then BBPeopleMeet is the right web service for you. It is aimed both at casual acquaintances and at providing assistance in creating a serious relationship – it all depends on your preferences and aspirations. Many men do not look at large women with neglect, as they are attractive to them. Therefore, you do not need to be shy of your magnificent forms, if you are a BBW. We recommend registering with BBPeopleMeet to find a young guy who consider chubby girls very attractive.

Compared to other BBW personals, this site offers many promising features that will help you find your ideal partner. Probably, some features will not seem surprising to you, because they correspond to what you saw earlier on other sites. However, BBPeopleMeet does include a unique perfect match searching algorithm that will offer you multiple profiles daily. In addition, you can view the entire profile database manually, flirt with other users of the site, send quick messages and much more.

Like many other BBW websites, BBPeopleMeet is shareware. This means that you can create your profile without spending a cent, but get limited access to the functionality of the website. Free membership gives you the opportunity to view profiles of other members, wink at your favorite BBWs, add your photos. However, you will not be able to use the chat, as it is available only to Gold Account holders. The cost of a paid subscription varies depending on the period you choose – 1 month or 6 months. By choosing a six-month membership, you will pay only $ 5.99 per month.

Among the many dating sites for BBW, BBPeopleMeet is perhaps one of the cheapest options with a good feature set. For a small fee, you can meet BBW of your dream. When looking for the perfect match, both appearance and your expectations in terms of the girl’s personal qualities are taken into account.


The developers of this site use a new approach, because they know that the real leader does not seek to catch up with competitors, but wants to surpass them. Therefore, the main page of BBWRomance is significantly different from typical BBW dating sites. You will see examples of successful profiles and some tips on how to use the services offered to you. This information will be extremely useful for your successful launch on the BBWRomance website. In addition, this site really focuses on providing assistance on the BBW date, rather than on its own business. So, BBWRomance is a large community of those who are BBW as well as guys who find out chubby girls very attractive.

If you decide to find your true love, you are just a few steps away from your goal. You need to register and fill out the form, providing some information about yourself. This is necessary so that the perfect match searching algorithm works even more efficiently. You can also upload your photo. It is not necessary to answer additional questions, as this tedious process takes a lot of time. The creators of BBWRomance decided to take a different path, allowing you to be a little more independent when it comes to finding the perfect partner.

Another distinguishing feature of BBWRomance from other BBW women searching websites is that they have a three-day trial subscription for just about $ 8. You can also activate a Gold account for 1 month or 3 months. Sometimes this site holds promotions offering to buy an annual subscription for only 55 dollars. Since free membership means that you will get a truncated feature set, we recommend that you select the optimal tariff plan for using a Gold account.


Created in 2001 and endorsed by reputable media such as CNN and The New York Times, BBWDateFinder is committed to providing expert assistance in finding the right BWB hookup for you. It offers free registration, so you can evaluate its functionality before deciding to purchase a Gold account – more about the prices below. BBWDateFinder provides assistance in finding ideal partners for tens of thousands of people around the world. Its professionalism gained over many years of practice is highly regarded in the online dating industry. This service will offer you the best BWBs that meet all your expectations and preferences.

You can quickly start with BBWDateFinder since the registration procedure does not take much time. Just fill in the main fields of the user form and you can provide more detailed information about yourself later. The disadvantage here is that a paid subscription makes it impossible for you to use communication tools. Therefore, we recommend that you purchase a paid membership. Here everything is just like everywhere else – the longer you want to interact with BBWDateFinder, the cheaper the cost of a monthly subscription will be for you. For example, buying a Gold account for half a year you will pay only about $ 17 per month.

In general, this online service fully justifies its reputation as one of the best BBW dating sites. Here you can find a person for frivolous relationships and even meet your love.


Many women who are unlucky to have a perfect figure feel awkward when it comes to meeting men. The reason is that a toned body and sports exercises are now in fashion like never before. Nevertheless, many men – and this is actually so – dream of meeting plus-size girls, because they find them outwardly attractive. WooPlus is a Tinder-like app with target audience of BBWs and their male fans. This is one of the youngest web services for BBW dating. However, in just 5 years of its experience in the online dating market, WooPlus has gathered 1,500,000 people and helped connect tens of thousands of lonely hearts.

This BBW dating site offers a simple registration that only takes a few seconds. You need to fill out a questionnaire, pass a quick personality test and upload som photos.  As with Tinder, you can use part of the WooPlus features absolutely free. However, in order to increase your chances of finding the perfect match and gain access to communication tools, you should purchase a Gold Account. You are offered many options for the duration of a paid subscription up to 24 months. The latter option allows you to reduce the monthly fee to a minimum of $ 4. Despite its youth, WooPlus has many positive reviews which confirms its effectiveness.

BBW Dating Benefits

Have you thought about the reasons for the popularity of BBW? A growing number of men prefer dating BBWs because such women are more cheerful and good-natured. In addition, there are several more reasons why fat girls are so attractive:

  • They do not care about the opinions of others. BBWs forget about complexes and achieve success in a career, personal life and love affairs.
  • They are great cooks. Since she loves food and does not exhaust herself with strict diets, you will avoid stressful situations. Studies show that relationships with size-plus women are longer-term.
  • Despite the fact that medicine imposes on us the opinion that obesity can cause sexual dysfunction, BBWs are able to enjoy sex and enter into an intimate relationship more often than thin rivals. This is due to more intensive production of hormones that provide natural desire.
  • Minimizing the likelihood of betrayal and jealousy. This is due to the fact that still a smaller number of men find fatties attractive.

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Tips on How to Be Successful in Dating with BBWs

  1. BBW dating is no different than meeting ordinary women. To impress her, do the same things that you are used to on regular dates.
  2. As in any relationship, communication has an important role. Try to show your lady that you deserve her trust. In addition, convince her that she is attractive to you as she is.
  3. Avoid any words, actions and offerings that may cause a decrease in self-esteem of your BBW lady.
  4. Do not be afraid of public contempt when it comes to your date, which will undoubtedly in a public place.
  5. Use the best BBW websites from the list above to find your perfect plus-size girl for friendship or something more.


As you can see, many men prefer BBWs absolutely justifiably, since such women are more cheerful, good-natured and sexually active. Thanks to the websites presented above, you can meet attractive size-plus women around the world. A wide range of tools that they offer will help you find your perfect match based on various criteria including appearance and personal qualities. So, don’t waste your time and try BBW dating right now!