Asexual Dating
Even today, some people remain unaware of the existence of asexuality, struggling to believe not everyone craves sex. For the majority of singles, the main goal of dating is finding a compatible sexual partner. However, the dating world is witnessing a growth in the number of people that identify as asexual. Their lack of interest in sex does not prevent them from wanting love and companionship. It is in human nature to desire to find someone with whom you could share your life.
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Legit Asexual Dating Sites - Seek & Date in 2020

 Although asexuality has been added to the list of human sexual orientations, asexual singles still face a lot of challenges and a lack of understanding in the dating world. Read below to learn more about these challenges and discover how asexual dating apps and sites help you overcome some of them.

What Is Peculiar About Asexual Dating?

In laymen’s terms, asexuals are people leading happy and fulfilled lives without sex. The concept is not to be mixed up with celibacy, as asexuality is not a choice – the person simply does not want or need sex. What is it like to enter the world of dating as a person who does not experience lust or sexual attraction? The asexual community is not monolithic, so the experiences of different people may vary greatly. But the common thing about asexual relationships is that they may entirely lack the romantic component and remind of a life-long companionship or friendship. However, although there is usually no or little sex, intimacy is highly valued by the partners. 

Non-sexual love and affection are manifested in different ways and forms in asexual relationships. The possibilities for intimacy that does not involve sex are endless and no particular rules exist out there. A fair share of asexuals enjoy being physically intimate with their partners in such ways as hugs, cuddles or gentle strokes. Just as many dislike physical touch and express closeness and affection through verbal communication. Sharing your deepest thoughts and secrets, fears and anecdotes can feel very intimate and bonding. Many asexual people have unique ways of expressing their love for their partner, which may include or combine the above methods. 

Top 7 Asexual Dating Sites In 2019

  • Match is widely regarded as the best dating site for people of all sexual orientations. It has accomplished an incredibly high success rate of matches that result in meaningful relationships, solid marriages, and long-lasting friendships. While the primary focus of this dating website is providing a platform on which its members can form romantic connections, it is also an excellent site for finding both NSA hookups and platonic, non-sexual companionship. 

Given that Match boasts of the highest international database of users in the industry of online dating (nearly 40 million people from 25 countries visit it every month), you can easily meet other asexuals on this site. Just apply the appropriate filters and the matchmaking system will show you the profiles of users that are open to a non-sexual relationship. 

Other advantages of are the uncomplicated registration procedure, a unique matchmaking algorithm that has been perfected over the years, and a stunning variety of filters that will help you narrow down the search and find people interested in asexual dating. 

  • Asexualitic

As a specialized asexual dating site, Asexualitic boasts of a rather small userbase – nearly 55,000 people look for non-sexual relationships on this platform every month. Before letting you browse the user profiles and form connections, the website will ask you to provide personal information, just like any other dating site or app. After specifying details such as your religious beliefs, preferred gender, marital status, as well as hobbies and interests, you are free to plunge into the world of asexual online dating. 

This is one of the few asexual dating sites with free services – you don’t have to worry about the cost of a membership or subscription. Just browse the profiles of other registered users and message them. Besides dating, Asexualitic offers a platform for group discussions of various topics, from the pop culture and entertaining news to specific niche subjects and rare hobbies.

  • AsexualMatch

Since its establishment in 2009, AsexualMatch has been the fastest-growing dating-oriented asexual community on the internet. However, its sizeable database of users isn’t the only advantage you get to enjoy. 

The site offers a plethora of advanced matchmaking options, photo galleries for every user, virtual winks for those who may be too shy to send the first message, the feature that allows you to find out who has viewed your profile recently, as well as an active forum where lively discussions take place. 

The signup process is rather simple and does not require you to purchase a membership. Once your profile is ready, the system places it in the highlights section of the homepage, which means that new users’ asexual personals get a lot of attention right from the beginning. All in all, it’s a great platform to meet asexual people.

  • Asexual Cupid

This website claims to be the number one online community that provides both opportunities for asexual dating and support to people of this sexual orientation. If you’re wondering how to meet other asexuals on this website, it takes only a few easy steps. 

First of all, you need to create a profile, fill in your personal information and state your preferences regarding your future partner and relationships. Then you get the opportunity to browse the user profiles – use the available filters to connect with potential matches. Winks and emails are the main forms of communication on this website. Once you’ve gotten to know each other and established that you’re compatible, it’s time to arrange a meeting in person and see whether the compatibility transfers into real life. 

Regarding support resources, you can find extensive dating advice as well as recommendations on how to stay safe both online and offline. The forums on Asexual Cupid are full of considerate and well-wishing people to whom you can reach out if you’re experiencing a crisis or just need tips on a specific situation. Asexual Cupid is welcoming of people of all flavors of the asexual orientation – whether you’re aromantic, biromantic or heteroromantic, you have good chances of finding a compatible woman or man here, as well as a community of like-minded people.

  • Asexual Dating Site

The purpose of this site is clear from its name – to offer a safe environment where asexual people can form connections without fearing that a potential partner will have expectations regarding physical intimacy. As such, this website does not pressure asexual singles to date – you can merely chat with interesting people from across the world and form platonic connections, which may naturally transform into a committed relationship. 

Asexual Dating Site has gone to great lengths to protect its users’ personal information – the platform employs the latest encryption technology to ensure the security of all data. At the same time, measures are taken to keep scam artists and other ill-minded individuals from worming their way into this tight-knit community. 

Worth noting, this site was established as part of Online Connections, a family of portals with a self-explanatory name. Once you create a profile on Asexual Dating Site (which is completely free of charge), your asexual personals will show up on every website within the network, which improves your chances of meeting suitable partners and like-minded people.

  • Asexual Chat

As a website associated with Asexual Cupid, Asexual Chat has a heavy focus on providing an opportunity for asexual singles to engage in both amusing and meaningful discussions. Its matchmaking system creates conversation matches based on the users’ locations, interests, and lifestyle preferences. 

You’re also free to browse the profiles of other users – the feature called “Let’s Meet” is intended as a means of initiating conversation. The portal cares deeply about the safety and security of its users, which is why every new profile is subjected to a verification procedure.

  • CelibatePassions

This is an entirely free site where you can meet asexuals for friendship or relationship. The portal is part of Passion Network, a family of dating and networking websites. In addition to many dating opportunities, it offers a variety of message boards, forums and groups where like-minded people can discuss various interesting and exciting topics. 

Aside from being an excellent communication platform, CelibatePassions has features that allow you to browse the profiles of all users or only those that are currently online; there are a search option and the webcams page. The site allows for synchronizing your profile with your Facebook account. This considerably speeds up the registration procedure, as all your information and photographs will be added to your profile automatically.

Asexuals Face Uniques Challenges, Which Dating Sites Help To Overcome

As an asexual person, you cannot avoid certain uniques challenges and difficulties when it comes to dating and relationships. Here’s how asexual dating sites and apps can help you out:

  • Compared to meeting people in a real-life setting, you’ll have an easier time finding someone with a similar mindset and preferences regarding not only sex but other aspects of life as well. The most important information about the user is stated in their profile, which allows you to form a preliminary opinion of them before even sending the first message. Besides, you can keep it virtual for a while and use the text and video chats to get to know each other before meeting in person.
  • A specialized asexual dating website provides an excellent opportunity to find a partner and companion who has similar views and needs when it comes to physical intimacy.
  • Dating sites for asexuals allow you to avoid people who are either unaware or ignorant about the implications of asexuality. Thus, you can skip the annoying explanation stage and proceed to the dating part.
  • Online platforms provide the best success chances for anyone interested in dating for asexuals, as people of this sexual orientation can be hard to spot in real life.
  • Many portals for asexual singles require you to complete a questionnaire for better matchmaking opportunities. Giving honest answers to all the questions can help you understand yourself and your identity better.
  • Knowing there are people looking to dating an asexual girl or guy will give you validation regarding your identity and relationship experiences.

Every asexual person is unique, which is why online dating can only eliminate some of the challenges. You will still face the need to find compromises, especially when it comes to matters of physical intimacy. Different asexuals prefer different levels of affection – some enjoy the comfort and emotional intimacy of cuddles and even kissing, others prefer to limit all physical contacts. Once you’ve established your partner is the one whom you want to make your husband or wife, you may resort to couples therapy, which will help you establish boundaries and manage expectations in your relationship.

Bottom Line

Dating does not have to be heavily focused on sex – as an asexual single, your goal is finding a like-minded person whose company you enjoy. Every asexual is unique, so it’s crucial that you and your partner are compatible when it comes to non-sexual physical intimacy, such as touches and cuddles. Fortunately, the niche of online asexual dating has been growing in the recent decade, and now there are quite a few websites and apps designed to help you dissipate your loneliness and find a partner with similar views on sex and intimacy. Online asexual dating is not entirely devoid of challenges, but it provides a plethora of tools to help you meet new friends and eventually a life-long companion.

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What Complicates Online Dating For Asexuals

The asexual identity largely changes how the person perceives the dating world. Despite the lack of interest in sex, an asexual craves having a life companion and mutual attraction. The ubiquitous heteronormative culture preaches that sex is one of the most important elements of a relationship. Brought up among such beliefs, you may start wondering how to find an asexual partner in a world where sex plays such a crucial role. While dating websites are worth a shot, you will likely come across people will a less than pleasant attitude towards asexuality.

  • Blatantly ignorant folks. Many users of dating sites genuinely cannot fathom why you would create a profile if you do not seek sex. There is more to a relationship than sex, but you will find it exhausting to explain your position to everyone. Might as well ignore questions from this category of users.
  • Confused yet curious daters. They are not particularly aware of what asexuality implies, but they are open-minded enough and ask questions to understand it better. Most commonly they see a similarity between celibacy and asexuality – which isn’t quite true, because the former is a choice, while the latter is comparable to an instinct. This category of people might inquire whether you’re open to dating a non-asexual person or do you consider the idea of polyamory or open relationship as a way to keep your partner’s sexual needs satisfied.
  • People inquiring about marriage and kids. Many come to dating apps looking for a wife or husband, which makes it reasonable for them to inquire whether you’re interested in such a high level of commitment and if you see a possibility of having sex for the sake of conceiving kids. Be warned though: not everyone asks these questions in the most considerate way possible.
  • People with an aggressive attitude. Unfortunately, you may encounter the kind of folks who are overly confident in the power of their sexuality and see you as a challenge to overcome. They feel you should be grateful for their desire to “cure” your asexuality and often behave in a disrespectful or even downright dehumanizing manner. To avoid the displeasure, block the person as soon as he or she demonstrates this kind of attitude.