Dating Like Backpage
Backpage is one of those famous websites that formed the internet culture. Online dating is certainly amongst the most lucrative online businesses. However, running them well is tricky. We don’t have many outstanding startups aside of several popular services that had a head start. Backpage is undeniably one of such websites that created a whole subculture and changed the way we see online dating as an industry.
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Overview of Websites for Dating Like Backpage

Backpage Alternatives for Online Dating Enthusiasts

While many modern online dating services position themselves as social networks for those who look for dates, backpage dating was a completely different thing. We have to talk about it in past tense since backpage websites were seized by FBI after an investigation that unveiled several underground prostitution and human trafficking networks that used the website to promote their services in the US. It happened in 2018.

What is Backpage dating?

That is the main reason why there are so many people looking for backpage alternatives in 2019. What is Backpage? It is a website where you can post personal ads. Just like on Craigslist, you will have an opportunity to advertise specific services and adult entertainment to other users. Obviously, you will also be able to browse a vast catalog of ads posted by other users. From escort services to innocent dating, Backpage had it all. Here is an incomplete list of categories that you could find on Backpage:

  • General ads for all sorts of things
  •  Adult entertainment media
  • Escort and sex services
  • Online dating

It also tried to keep up with the changing culture. While backpage women seeking men were quite popular and numerous, the website also allowed members of the LGBTQ community to seek for suitable partners and even provided special accounts for couples. It was a heaven for online dating enthusiasts who either wanted to find a long lasting relationship or a get laid quickly without much hassle.

Everything changed in 2018. Thousands of Backpage users started searching for the new backpage and competitors who used to be sitting in the shadow of the biggest shark in the market finally received a chance to get a larger audience. Needless to say that hundreds of new startups want to fill the niche left hollow after the departure of Backpage. Is Backpage similar to all of the companies we are about to discuss? Let’s find out.

The best Backpage alternatives

Adult Friend Finder

The Friend Finder network was established over two decades ago in 1996 and has been one of the largest dating websites out there. Its sheer size is enough to smash any competition, but Backpage managed to push back on the adult dating front. With the disappearance of their main competitor from the scene, Adult Friend Finder is definitely the most enticing company on our list. They have a large network with millions of registered users. The problem is that it was recently hacked and you should be quite careful when registering. You can also use their app.

The app is quite useful for those who want to stay in touch with their contacts even when they are on the go. The mobile version does not have the same amount of features as the website, but you will be able to do essential things like chatting, updating your profile or editing personal information.


As the name suggests, this website is focused on delivering the best possible online dating experience to those who are not afraid to expose themselves on the internet. Nude photos, daring videos, NSFW audios, and dirty talks are quite common for this website where people can find partners for sexual adventures. It is a nice website to seek for one night stands or open-minded individuals for kinky stuff.

BeNaughty is a website that does not have a particular specialization rather than allowing its users to be as free as they want in terms of self-expression. You may come across really interesting individuals while browsing the catalog of BeNaughty users. Thousands of people from all corners of the world are regularly chatting on the website. The problem is that you may not be “competitive” enough for the website if you are not ready for some kinky stuff. Ordinary people are often surprised by what they can find on this Backpage alternative.


If you are looking for a website where you can find either a long-term relationship or an open-minded person to spend a single night with, you will be happy to join this website. It has a large section with free adult entertainment, thousands of users from all over the globe, and convenient user interface that allows you to quickly browse an expansive catalog of users or improve your chances to get laid by enriching your profile with photos and videos. The website is great for both adult conversations and setting up real dates.

The best part about this website is that it does not enforce any strict rules when it comes to content. You may post nudes, kinky videos and other stuff. The website caters to people who are leaning towards online dating without any long-term commitments. If it is not up your alley, make sure to check out more “family-friendly” options that we are about to discuss below. FriendFinder-X is a website for people who are looking for sex and “light” relationships.


This website is a great choice for those who want some gamification in their dating. Match is a platform that works much like Tinder and allows you to match with other users. There are thousands of users who are very active. You won’t find it hard to start relationships with someone after only a couple of hours invested in actively trying to match with random people. You should focus on creating a detailed profile with a lot of information about you. Don’t forget to add photos and videos to your profile.

Match is like a game for those who are not afraid to expose themselves a little. While it is not a website that demands you to be open-minded and even somewhat perverted, you will have higher chances of matching with someone if you put some effort in creating an interesting account. Take a “backpage” approach to this website and make your profile as detailed and informational as possible just as you would do when posting an ad on Backpage.


Oodle was created in 2004. It is a website that allows users to post their ads. It is a not an online dating site and offers from little to no real social features. However, they do exist and you can use them to your advantage. The website has a big section for ads related to dating, escort services, and adult entertainment. Note that this website is strictly for posting ads. Do not confuse the website with which is a marketing agency from the US that promotes businesses online.

Oodle is great for selling stuff, hunting for jobs or online dating. In order to stand out from the crowd, you will have to be a little creative when making your profile. Make sure to add several photos, shoot a video with a presentation about yourself and write a good bio that would attract potential suitors. All in all, a great all-purpose website where you can post ads.


ClassifiedAds is another website that focuses on building a convenient platform for those people who want to post ads. It is not a Backpage replacement site by any means, but it has enough interesting features related to dating to give you an opportunity to find a partner for either sexual games or just a good friend. ClassifiedAds also has a special section for marriage ads. You will be able to find a husband or a wife on this website and it will be a great story for your wedding.

ClassifiedAds is a respected online business with a very long history. Note that you should be careful when registering on this website. There have been rumors about hacking. The website tries to convince its users that it is taking care of personal information. However, you should be careful. To be honest, it is something that can be said about every single company on our list. Use alternative email addresses and change passwords regularly.


It is hard to talk about websites that allows users to post ads without mentioning one of the biggest companies in the world. Craigslist is a huge online platform that focuses on user ads. It is mostly used for job hunting and reselling stuff, but you can also post ads related to dating and event adult services. While it is great for those who want to browse the catalog of ads, it is quite competitive for posters. In order to make your advertisement noticeable, you will have to invest quite some time and creativity in it.

Craigslist is a staple website for posting ads. It has been a big part of pop culture referenced in many TV shows, movies and books. While it is a big website that can be a strong alternative to Backpage, it is still a business that requires you to be careful when interacting with other users. Craigslist is just a middleman meaning that you are not protected from scammers and frauds.

Double List is another online service where you can post your ads related to sex services or online dating. Double List is great for looking people nearby without compromising your privacy. However, the website does not have many users. While thousands of users may sound like a huge number, Double List is way behind Craigslist and ClassifiedAds in terms of user count. At the same time, it is hard to find a safer Backpage alternative. Not much to say about this particular website. It is good, it serves its purpose, it is smaller than Craigslist.

Best Brides By Countries:

Bed Page is Backpage personals for those who are looking strictly for sexual adventures and one night stands. It is a great website for mature individuals who know what they want from their partners. While you may try searching for a future spouse on this website, it is a much better idea to just focus on posting ads with adult propositions and look for people who may be interested in what you can bring to the “bed”. All in all, a great Backpage alternative that may be just what you are looking for.

In fact, many former backpage users switched to Bed Page after the 2018 FBI investigation. Bed Page even had to increase their server capacity in order to withstand a sudden load from a wave of users coming to check out what it can offer. Amongst all the services listed in this article, Bed Page is probably one of the closest to being a clone of Backpage.

Lesbian Personals is a website catering to lesbians. Due to its niche specialization, the user count may seem slightly less impressive than that of Match or BeNaughty. Nevertheless, searching for a partner here is quite easy due to the website’s convenient UI and numerous users who are quite active. Sadly, heterosexual women and men will unlikely find a partner here.

Which is the best?

Backpage is a great website that may never be matched by competitors. It had a unique niche and catered to a very specific category of users. However, there are many alternatives that you may be interested in. Check out all of the options above and see for yourself whether there is something that will catch your attention.  

We also strongly advise you to be careful when posting ads online and never trust individuals without checking at least some credentials. It is also a good idea to use an alternative email and come up with unique pairs of usernames and passwords for each website even when it comes to hugely popular websites like Craigslist.