Dating At 40
There are a plethora of reasons why people aged 40-something years may find themselves entering the dating scene. Some have not yet found a partner with whom they would want to spend the rest of their life. Others took their time to recover from a messy and painful divorce. Some devoted their early years entirely to their career aspirations, focusing on making a solid foundation for a wealthy and comfortable future.
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Dating At 40 - Best Choice - Best Sites in 2020

Regardless of your reasons, being single and actively looking for a soulmate in your 40s may bring along a portion of confusion. Let’s find out which websites are the best for over 40 dating and what the leading relationship experts advise for improving your chances of a successful match.

What Distinguishes Over 40 Dating?

  • Both you and your date have a lot of responsibilities and distractions. Compared to college kids, over 40 daters have a lot of things that demand their attention, as they usually have established lives and steady careers.
  • More likely than not, there is an ex-spouse to be dealt with. When you’re over 40, you have likely been in more than one serious relationship. A former husband or wife may remain in the picture for various reasons, often creating awkwardness and drama.
  • Your life experience enables you to make wiser choices. Although you may feel a bit rusty when entering the dating scene in your 40s, your past experiences have given you the wisdom and good judgment to make better choices regarding potential partners.
  • Commitment may be valued higher than sex. The world of over 40 dating is more about developing new connections and nurturing them into steady relationships rather than hooking up. Sex remains a crucial part of a mature adult’s life, but it may no longer be the highest priority.

Best Over 40 Dating Sites And Apps In 2019 

With nearly a quarter of a century of successful operation in the industry, is not only one of the best dating sites for over 40 but also the most beloved and trusted one. The company that runs the website has undergone substantial evolution over the year. But the portal stays strong in the belief it promotes: an online relationship can be developed and cultivated into an in-person one, especially if it started from thoughtfully written dating profiles with meaningful content. A masterfully created profile can get to the heart of the reader, sparkling his or her interest. offers various subscription plans – you can purchase a premium membership for 1, 3 or 6 months. Your future happy life with a perfect partner is an investment worth your money. But as any investment, it also requires your time and attention. When you register on the website, you’ll be presented with a unique questionnaire designed to give the system the necessary information for suggesting suitable matches for you. Get comfy with a glass of wine or a cup of tea, and give honest and specific answers about your goals in the over 40 dating world. Based on your responses, the matchmaking algorithm employed by will send you profiles of people who desire the same thing. There’s no need to rely only on the AI – as the vast majority of users are looking for a serious and meaningful relationship, you can just browse profiles and message any 40+ single you see as a good match for you.


This is one of the best online places to meet singles well over 40 – SilverSingles is more geared towards forming romantic interests between people over 60. If you’re looking for love at this respectable age, it means you’ve already had at least a couple of failed relationship experiences. SilverSingles undertakes the task to let all silver-haired singles know that they are not alone and that entering the dating scene once again should not be intimidating.

As such, SilverSingles is an iteration of EliteSingles geared towards a slightly older audience. To create successful matches, an exceptional system of compatibility is employed. Every user is assessed from the viewpoint of the main 5 personality traits. You will have to inform the website how open you are to new experiences, how strong is your good conscience, whether you’re outgoing and overly expressive or more introverted, how ready you are to accept compromises, and whether you’re an anxious and sensitive person. This 5-point model of compatibility and matchmaking between over 40 and over 60 daters has been developed and perfected for over two decades.


This website is one of the most popular international platforms for over 40 singles. Every new user is asked to complete a comprehensive personality test for the sake of the matchmaking success. The test is quite lengthy and consists of 10 sections. It is designed to learn every important thing about you: your background, your education level, your system of beliefs and values, your hobbies and interests – everything that a potential partner may deem of import. As the older sister of SilverSingles, EliteSingles bases its matchmaking algorithm on the same 5-point system of compatibility of romantic partners. Designed by the leading psychologists and relationship experts, it delivers incredibly strong matches that have a high rate of turning into long-term relationships.

EliteSingles has a more thought-out approach to the user’s experience than most free dating sites for over 40 singles. It utilizes the results of your personality and compatibility test to present you with 3-7 suitable matches every day. If you’d rather spend the time dating than browsing random profiles, or if the overwhelming number of options stresses you out, EliteSingles and its matchmaking mechanisms may be the best option for you. 


If you’re looking for reputable dating sites for over 40 that have established a firm and stable presence in the industry, eHarmony is the right choice for you. It has decades of experience in creating successful matches between over 40 single men and women. Its matchmaking mechanism is based around a unique questionnaire that covers all topics crucial to the formation of a happy couple. You’ll be asked about the values and beliefs to which you adhere, your emotional health status, your personality traits and characteristics, and even about the skill sets of which you can boast.

It’s important to point out that eHarmony is a dating website for finding meaningful relationships – if your goal in the over 40 dating world is finding an ONS or a passionate fling, this portal is not the optimal choice for you. All the eHarmony services have a focus on encouraging and promoting a more serious and committed approach to romantic relationships. Your success on this website will grow exponentially the more time you dedicate to finding love with its help. The thing is, eHarmony employs special software designed to monitor your activity and take it into account in the subsequent matchmaking.


This amazing website is designed for daters ages 40 years and older, as well as 50+ singles. OurTime proved very successful in creating long-lasting matches between senior singles, thereby gaining immense respects in the US community of online dating. 

The website is designed with a focus on simplicity and ease of use. According to the majority of user reviews, the people you meet on OurTime tend to be kind and pleasant, as well as down-to-earth. The integrated search feature allows you to filter the user profiles following your personal preferences. The vast majority of users are in the over 40 age category – which means the majority of members are mature, fulfilled adults interested in commitment.


Widely referred to as OKC, this dating application experienced a boom around 2012. Almost a decade later, it still maintains a high level of popularity among over 40 single women and men – and for a good reason. Using the app couldn’t be simpler, which allows you to dive into the beautiful dating world right after joining it – instead of spending out on figuring out all the blows and whistles of a sophisticated interface. OKC is known as the portal for single people, including over 40 singles, who seek love with serious intentions. Few come here in search of a fling or a no-strings-attached encounter. Instead, it is the place where almost everyone approaches dating seriously and sees marriage, or at least a profound, committed relationship, as their ultimate goal. 

In their reviews of this over 40 dating app, relationship experts point out that its audience is a high-quality crowd – the majority of users are not only fit and physically attractive, but also smart and well-educated. Last but not least, OkCupid is one of the few completely free dating sites for over 40, which makes it an excellent choice if you’re not sure if online dating is for you.

Love Again

This portal aims to cater to the mature audience of daters aged over 40 years. The purpose of this application is achieved in an easy and simple fashion for the convenience of users. It’s a great way to form and foster new connections for everyone who isn’t into spending the bulk of time on the app and prefers to transition to meeting the potential partner as soon as possible. 

Since over-40 singles prefer different styles of communication and establishing contact, Love Again offers not only the opportunity to browse and filter user profiles, but group chats focused on a particular interest, instant messages and private chats, as well as forums where you can discuss various subjects with like-minded people. This approach may not feel as modern as the options offered by other dating platforms for over-40 singles. However, it lets the user meet many potential dates in a casual, non-stressful online environment and provides for more natural creation of connections over the discussion of a subject in which both people take an interest.


The solid experience and reputation of PlentyOfFish imply that it has one of the largest user databases in the industry of online dating. According to statistics, only Tinder exceeds it in the number of active users. 

Even though PlentyOfFish is not as much of a buzz word as other dating apps, it is perfectly suited for over-40 singles whose goal is a romantic relationship. When you’re interested in finding a partner within the older age group where not everyone is likely to follow the latest trends regarding the online dating world, it’s an excellent idea to resort to a matchmaking portal that is reputable, well-known, and familiar to most people. 


This dating website caters to the audience of successful and well-established over-40 singles. The member pool of MillionaireMatch match consists of interesting and attractive people who have achieved their goals in the professional world. The ads of this dating website claim it’s designed to created matches between millionaires, but it is not quite true – its user database comprises over 2 million active users. You don’t have to be a millionaire to register either, but you should take into account that the people you will meet on this website have high expectations of their potential partners, including their financial status. If you are a millionaire indeed, the dating site has an option for verifying this fact, after which your profile will receive a very appealing stamp “Certified Millionaire”. The membership cost is much higher than average and reaches $210/six months, but it is an incredible investment, considering the dating pool to which this site gives you access.

As obvious from its name, SeniorMatch is designed for mature adults aged over 40 and over 50 years who are looking for a romantic partner. It serves the purpose of creating beautiful relationships – not only marriages but platonic friendships as well. 

Whether you’re looking for someone to fall in love and passion with, a travel buddy to share your journeys with, or a partner for any recreational activity – you will find them on SeniorMatch. One of this over-40 dating site’s advantages is the ease and simplicity of the user interface. After all, being up-to-date on the latest technologies is not a prerequisite for finding your one true love.

Over 40 Dating: It’s Never Too Late To Find The True Love

When you struggling to find your Mr. or Mrs. Right even on the best dating apps for over 40, it’s easy to start having negative thoughts. You might think that it is a couple of extra wrinkles that prevent you from meeting a perfect partner and that you’d have more luck if you were a dozen years younger. But the truth is, if you were younger by a decade, you wouldn’t yet be the unique and mature person that you are today. According to the opinion of leading US relationship experts, dating in your 40s can result in even more profound romantic partnerships that relationships between younger people.

When a person reaches the age of 40 years, a new chapter in their life begins. By this time, you are well aware of where you stand in life and who you are. You possess the confidence that is rarely seen in younger people. You have a fully formed system of values from which you never diverge and a defined personality. Your life is stable and steady in both financial and emotional aspects. At the age of 40+ years, you know what kind of person you want to see by your side, and this knowledge improves your chances of meeting a suitable match. 

Proactive Attitude Is Crucial To Your Success In Over 40 Dating 

According to relationship experts, the cornerstone of your triumph in the dating-over-40 world is becoming the single person you yourself would be eager to date. Remaining an active, inquisitive person is the foundation of finding love after 40. Never cease to explore new topics – the variety of experiences you’ll obtain makes for a good conversation material on the first date. 

Motivate yourself to try out new hobbies and plunge into new interests. Thanks to an active lifestyle, you’ll be able to engage and excite your date with a discussion of each other’s travel experiences and plans, favorite cuisines or new restaurants opened in your city, and a plethora of other topics. You need to put effort into shaping yourself into the best person you can be – rest assured your efforts will not go unnoticed by your date. Lively people with keen interests are irresistibly magnetic and captivating.

Over 40 Dating: Your Past Is Not A Hindrance

In the 40+ dating world, every potential partner you meet has some baggage, some emotional scars that never heal. Psychologists that specialize in relationships suggest ditching the term “emotional baggage”. Instead, view your past struggles as a valuable life experience that has made you the unique and beautiful person you are today. For it is the time of need and hardship that makes the person’s true nature shine. Everyone has a past, the more so single men and women over 40. For instance, it’s not uncommon for singles over 40 to have grandchildren. If your date takes care of a grandchild, this factor in itself is not a reason to give up on him or her. Instead, try to look at it from a positive standpoint: this person’s dedication to the family deserves admiration and is a merit if you decide to build a shared life and family with them.

That being said, it’s crucial not to let your baggage to prompt you to repeat the past mistakes. For instance, if you go on one of the dating sites for over 40 and meet a person who reminds you of your ex, you must resist the temptation to date them solely for this reason. The familiarity may be comforting, but if the person is indeed the spitting image of your ex, why do you believe your relationship will work out this time? When dating at 40+, it’s essential to prevent the bad history from repeating itself. To this end, before searching for a new relationship, you need to work on healing the emotional scars caused by your previous partners. Consider doing some soul searching on your own on talking it out with a professional therapist.

In Conclusion

Entering the online dating market in your 40s can give you a daunting feeling. The number and variety of dating apps and sites can be overwhelming, while scrolling through thousands of profiles may seem as fruitless as time-consuming. However, it’s not the time to give up – as there are ways to make smartphone dating work for everyone! The best dating websites and apps for over 40 singles cater to different audiences. If you’re not particularly tech-savvy, they’ll offer a simple and convenient interface. If you’re focused on finding a serious commitment, the matchmaking algorithm will direct you to a person that meets your preferences and has the same goals in mind. With the right approach, online dating is well worth your time. After all, when you’re over 40, it’s just the right time for finding your true love and happiness!

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Creating A Profile On An Over 40 Dating Site: Expert Advice

When covering the topic of online dating, relationship experts emphasize the importance of filling out your profile with truthful information. Be honest about who you are; don’t try to modify it for the sake of potential partners. It’s ill-advised to copy another person’s profile, although you may look around on the over 40 dating site of your choice to get a grasp of how people present themselves in the world of online dating. Last but not least, avoid overused, trite quotes, as they hardly allow the reader to form an idea about what kind of person you are. Your profile should reflect your authenticity and uniqueness – it is the only way to attract the type of man or woman you want to share your life with.

Nothing good can start with dishonesty and deception. Do not modify your height, age, weight, or any other parameter about which you may feel a little insecure or self-conscious. On a related note, make sure your profile pictures are not over-edited. You want a partner who will love and appreciate you for who you are. Try to fill out your profile with information that paints the picture of your personality, interests, and values. If you’re fond of reading, talk about your favorite book. If you volunteer at animal shelters, be sure to mention that. If you’re crazy about dancing, skiing, kayaking – let the world know about it. Your uniqueness is amazing, and remaining your true self on the over 40 dating sites will help you connect with the right person.