Casual Dating
Casual dating sites are a great way to get acquainted with those who are shy in real life and psychologically difficult to take the initiative in personal dating for sex. The casual relationship definition is to date for sex. Casual dating online is available at any time. Firstly, it will be an undoubted advantage for those who work until late at night, and secondly, it opens up new horizons, allowing you to communicate with people from different time zones.
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Casual Dating - Best Sites Casually to Meet Women

Using online casual dating is a relatively inexpensive way to get to know each other. Sometimes a small fee is required only to place the profile and buy VIP membership status for maximum features and functions and it will cost $10 per month. Chatting is free. 

Casual dating can also lead to a serious relationship. A surge of passion can generate a storm of emotions and help build a new relationship with a serious continuation. But this does not always happen.

What is Casual Dating? 

Casually dating sites offer to fill out a detailed casual user profile by attaching photos to it. The questionnaire contains questions about the field of activity, hobbies, as well as personal preferences for the one you want to find.

Studying the profile of an attractive candidate will allow you to immediately assess possible prospects for communication, excluding, for example, candidates who are not suitable for the age, sphere of professional interests, hobbies. Besides, members, as a rule, indicate the purpose of dating: not everyone searches for intimate relationships or relationships for life with a wedding, children, and grandchildren.

Sometimes immediately after registration, the first messages from casual users begin to arrive. At the same time, nothing obliges you to answer them immediately, and you can think throughout the conversation, creating a comfortable atmosphere during communication that allows you to be yourself. Also, you can build communication with several people at once, and then choose the one with whom you want to go to a personal safe casual date.

The lack of a need for a personal meeting is another advantage of casual dating online. The casual dating service provides the casual user with the opportunity to hide some of his information until he wants to disclose it to someone.

No casual dating site can guarantee its visitors that future husband or wife awaits them here, but dating sites have the highest probability that a simple intimate communication online will develop into something more serious and sexual.

Best Casual Dating Sites


One of the most popular online casual meeting sites where you can find a potential partner for one night. More than 2 million casual users from the USA and other countries are registered on it. Girls can register here for free, but the guys will have to pay for registration. All profiles are real, there are no bots. Moderators strictly monitor this, checking each page and automatically deleting blank and fake ones. This casual dating online site has four main sections. Using a search with a convenient filter, you can quickly find profiles of women or men with the most suitable parameters. The benefits of e-Hookups include:

  • rich functionality;
  • lack of fakes;
  • the ability to connect premium VIP status;
  • the possibility of raising the profile in the “Top”.

If you want to successfully pass moderation on this casual site, upload only personal photos of good quality. If you want to quickly find a potential partner for sex, be sure to connect the VIP status, which opens up unlimited possibilities.


If you want to make new friends, just chat or find real acquaintances for sex without obligation, be sure to register on the MaturesForFuck casual dating for your service. The service has registered more than 1 million profiles. Here you can meet interesting people, not only from the USA but also from all over the world. The age category on this casual site is mature people. On the website, you can find real acquaintances with mature women and men who are well over 40 years old. You can register for free by logging in through your account on the Facebook social network or by filling out a special form. The first three days five all casual users of the site a Premium package. Website advantages: 

  • real users with real profiles;
  • the ability to give gifts;
  • the ability to connect an option such as Super Strength, which opens up wide possibilities;
  • simple and intuitive interface.

If you want the registration process to go as quickly as possible, log in through the social network. When filling out the form, add at least three photos to gain access to viewing photos of other users.


Another great free casual dating site that is very popular. A huge number of real profiles with photos are presented here, so you can easily find a potential partner for communication or intimate dates. The age category of users here is the most diverse, from young people to mature men and women. There is a mobile version, as well as a special section with apps where you can find not only interesting games but also additional services for casual dating. 

The casual site has its blog, which publishes interesting articles on relationships and tips on how to quickly find your soul mate online. Also, on the site, there is a convenient function called “Geo search”. It determines the location of the profiles closest to you and the exact distance to them. There is a “Diary” function. In a special section, you can leave any of your entries that other users will see. Advantages of the casual dating site:

  • a huge number of free features;
  • convenient interface;
  • interesting design;

If you want to find a potential partner for an intimate relationship, it is better to visit the casual site at night. To attract attention to your profile, add as many sexy photos as possible and fill out the profile as much as possible. Joining the VIP status will allow you to raise your profile rank, which will further increase your chances.


If you are looking for a good online casual dating site, FlirtBook is what you need. Here you can easily find a soul mate for intimate meetings or serious relationships. The age limit here is unlimited. Using the app, you can quickly find the most suitable candidate and schedule an appointment. The main feature of this online casual dating site is the ability to keep your diary. You can leave any entries that will be visible to other users. The “Selector” option will select for you the most suitable profiles based on your requirements, and you just have to answer the questions asked. Casual website advantages:

  • simplicity and ease of use;
  • concise and interesting design;
  • quick registration without SMS;
  • the ability to comment on photos;
  • the ability to create an anonymous chat.

To increase your chances of finding a soulmate, it is best to register at several casual sites. Do not neglect the paid features on these sites, because they open up truly ample opportunities for communication.


Be2 is a popular casual dating app for Android and Apple iOS. You can find here casual relationships or try an experience of serious dating. Be2 is convenient and easy to use. You need to upload a photo, leave brief information about yourself (without complicated profiles), and go to viewing photos of potential partners. If sympathy is mutual, the communication function opens. It looks like tinder but users of the casual site report that there is a lot of fake accounts. 

Can Casual Relationship Become Serious? 

Are you both young, ambitious and you don’t want to burden yourself with serious relationships with all the ensuing consequences? And maybe for one of you, it’s just sex, and the other is dreaming that the “bed” relationship has grown into something more? Regardless of which category of lovers you belong to, you will probably be interested to know that, according to statistics, often sex has every chance of developing into a serious feeling. But do you both need it?

According to numerous studies, sex quite often turns into marriage, if certain conditions are met:

  • Partners are of interest to each other not only in terms of sex – they have something to talk about, but they also have a common hobby and similar professional areas of activity;
  • Sexual intercourse is quite long (lasting more than one and a half years) – it is assumed that during this time lovers have more chances to go beyond “just sex”, although this time interval, of course, does not give any guarantees;
  • Partners – older than 30 years (having exchanged the third dozen and reasoned fairly, unmarried more and more begin to lean in favor of the marital union);
  • At least one of them is held in a career plan (therefore, it has fewer obstacles to focus on personal life, not limited to satisfying sexual hunger);
  • Neither he nor she has unsuccessful marriages behind – otherwise, the arguments against serious intentions will easily outweigh those factors for starting it.

Remember that a casual dating and an unforgettable night can always turn out to be “powerful love” for you, but not necessarily mutual. And who knows, more harm or benefit will ultimately come from dizzy pastimes? It is not so easy to quickly and painlessly “migrate” from bed to walking down the aisle.

Some Tips for Casual Dating

When dating online, the same casual dating rules apply as in real life. The conversation begins with men and the one who can communicate with women correctly wins. Follow our casual dating tips to gain success. 

Communication is key

Hook up her right away. It seems nothing is easier than saying hello. But if a beautiful girl has already received ten messages today “Hello! How are you?”, she’s unlikely to notice exactly your “Hello!”. Think about how to draw her attention to yourself in one phrase. Write something witty or just comment on her photo.

Be attentive. Try to end your remarks with questions about herself – and she will inevitably have to answer them. And to know what to ask about, study her profile in advance and at the same time look at her page on the social network. Write briefly and do not abuse emoticons and especially exclamation points.

Make her laugh. Science has established that in a laughing woman, it is precisely those parts of the brain that are responsible for arousal that is activated. And this is a sin not to use. With a stranger joke neatly, simply and without vulgarity. Your funny photo from a masquerade with a horse head may well work.

Do not worry. If your chosen one does not answer, do not lose heart. These are the rules of this game – here they communicate without obligation. Do not throw her with unrequited messages, it is better to turn your attention to another beauty since there are a lot of them on the casual dating site.

Know your worth, queen

Trusting womanizer, wanting to casual dating online, are often scammed by swindlers. In England, for example, the number of crimes related to dating apps has grown seven-fold in just two years.

Make sure she is real. Before making an appointment with a stranger, phone her or chat via video chat. So, you can avoid misunderstandings, but at the same time you will find out if her voice sounds pleasant, and you will find an occasion to give her an extra compliment.

Googling. If you have any doubts about the sincerity of your new partner monitor her social networks, look for her name, photo, phone number, email address in the search engine. The Internet remembers everything, and even the most careful scammers often leave traces there.

Do not undress. Avoid sending your naked photos to unfamiliar people. Blackmailers can find out your real name, place of work and marital status, and then use these pictures against you. There are, however, such girls who immediately cut to the chase. After reviewing your portrait in your profile, they require you to send a photo of sick with your face. The main thing – do not post this second portrait in your profile, even if you are very proud of him. Any casual dating service will immediately ban such a picture. But in personal texting, you are free to show her anything, if only it would help to quickly move to a real demonstration of your dignity. But do not overdo it so that you are not mistaken for the usual virtual maniac-onanist.

Do not be naive. The most stunning beauty may be a fake, which profile is controlled by the cynical manager of the salon of intimate services. Excessive playfulness and obsession betray professional hookers. Knowledgeable people easily figured out them already in the early stages of communication. 

Choose Your Stance on Sex

  • We are lucky!

We, men, can be congratulated – in casual dating sites, there is a huge number of beautiful women in search of a partner. Many among them are beauties with good education and prestigious work. And they are all looking for casual relationships and, of course, are interested in sex.

  • Age matters

Girls who are under 25 years old are much easier to breed for sex. They usually immediately agree to a personal meeting, and then everything depends on the man and, of course, on whether she liked him. Older women are usually single, divorced, many with children. They are already disappointed with life, and they need a serious relationship or just the company of a good man and friendship with him.

  • Check your IQ

I have a feeling that the girls in casual dating sites are much more advanced than the guys. They are far from stupid, well-read, do yoga and sports, do various practices, travel. It is not surprising that they all peck at an interesting person since they live quite an interesting life. Or at least dream of such a life. The boring bore males have nothing to catch.

  • Tactical move

If you feel that you are interested in a girl, tell her bluntly: let’s not waste time texting, we’ll better meet, have tea and immediately understand whether we are suitable for each other or not. And she will probably agree. Of course, if you really could interest her.

  • Bonus

And also, sites for casual dating are a very good resource for developing connections among the female population. And these connections don’t need to be sexual. All these women work somewhere and may come in handy someday. It is good to have a police acquaintance, judge, mistress of a car service or a theater cashier. And if you expand the search circle outside the country, then in each city of Europe or America you may have your person who will meet, help you get settled and show the city.

  • Lying is unprofitable

It’s better to always tell the truth about yourself. There are a lot of girls on the Web, and if you do not lose yourself, you will surely find one that you like the way you are. That is, on these huge dating platforms you can choose a girlfriend who is 100% suitable! 

Keep a few people in your mix

Do not waste your time communicating with just one person. Use 100% online chat features. Communicate with several at once in order to weed out those who you don’t like and quickly move on to a real casual dating with a person you like. How to casually date?

  • Do all online dates end with sex?

No, not all. Men rarely admit that they want only sex, and everything happens as with ordinary acquaintances: we agreed to meet at a cafe, if you liked it, then we hung out further, and there it can get to sex.

  • Is it scary to go on such dates?

No, not scary. Usually, if a person is boorish and inadequate, then this quickly becomes clear during texting phase. And in order to avoid violence, you make an appointment in a public cafe, and it’s better to tell someone from your friends where and with whom you went. So, for safety.

  • What is the main mistake of men in casual dating apps?

A bunch of men use casual dating sites just like that. Just to amuse their pride. Or satisfy curiosity. A personal meeting is more important than texting. In the first minutes, it becomes clear whether you like it or not. I like – continue communication, no – goodbye. Why spend so many time on texting? I would meet right away.

And men often leave the dialogue, either texting a couple of days and disappear, or they are active in the chat, and when the girl suggests meeting, they disappear.

Best Brides By Countries:


We provided the rating of the best casual dating sites. The above describes sites that really enjoy particular popularity and trust among casual users, as well as on which it is likely to arrange a meeting, and not be limited to online flirting. Where such confidence? We conducted a comprehensive analysis of all known platforms to identify the most efficient, convenient and safe. To do this, we:

  • registered on them, created male and female profiles; 
  • started communication with some casual users to determine the level of culture of the audience’s behavior, their goals, intentions, and also to identify whether there are bots and fake pages on the casual site;


  • tested the available functions: how well the geo-search works, the automatic algorithm for selecting candidates, the convenience of keeping diaries, and so on;
  • contacted technical support staff evaluated the speed and effectiveness of their actions;
  • collected reviews on many external resources, because, as a rule, on most casual dating sites, most negative reviews are deleted;

You can read the detailed results of our so-called study on each mentioned casual dating site. By the way, the casual date can lead to serious relationships.