Dating Sites 2020
Online dating is a great way to communicate, which is preferred by more and more people looking for long-term relationships, as well as those who just want to flirt. Your profile on a dating site in the USA is what helps people decide whether or not to start a conversation with you. To create a good profile on a dating site, you need to write interesting information about yourself that will attract attention. Also, add some good photos. Fill out the profile in a positive style, and soon you will attract many potential partners.
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Overview of Most Popular Dating Sites in 2020

We will highlight top dating sites and describe their crucial features. Also, you will find out about types of dating platforms and other useful information which will help you to find a soulmate. 

What is Online Dating?

Why is dating sites for singles is the best way to find a new relationship? Firstly, on a dating site, you will not doubt whether a girl has someone or not. Besides, you can find out a lot of important information already at the stage of viewing the profile. How does a girl relate to the family, what are her expectations from a partner, are there bad habits? These things are not customary to discuss at the beginning of an acquaintance, but they are extremely important.

The more serious the dating site, the more important the relationship information it requests from users. You can take your time to study profiles of suitable “candidates”, compare your expectations from dating, chat, phone, make an appointment and fall in love madly! Maybe She just filled out a profile. Figure it out!

Best Dating Sites 

Let’s highlight the top 10 dating sites which you can use to find a soulmate.


This site is one of the very first that introduced online dating internationally. Free dating on became available back in 1995, and, nevertheless, the site continues to operate successfully to this day. Each month, about 35 million people from around the world use the resource. Here you can find your soul mate, as well as a friend, ally and just a good conversationalist.

This service is available both in Western Europe and America. Asian countries are also included in the user list. In general, the site is more focused on American users. Registration is free. There are no strict restrictions on the age of participants: the main thing is that you are at least 18 years old and not married.

After registration, you are invited to briefly tell about yourself, your goals of staying on the site and the qualities that you are looking for in your soulmate. Besides, you need to upload to the site up to 26 of the best, in your opinion, photos. Each profile, before appearing in a search with other users, passes a mandatory check. After approval by the administrator, other members begin to see your profile, show sympathy for you and text messages. For the convenience of users, the mobile application was created for iOS and Android so that you can continue to communicate anywhere and anytime convenient for you.


This site allows many not only to find their pair but also to determine the mood of people. You are offered a large list of questions, for example, on political, public topics. They not only give reason to think and form their position on various issues but also see what other people are responding to. And while you find out how many people on the site approve of Trump’s policies, OkCupid will look for you with a person with similar interests. The site is mostly free, but some features, such as viewing a person’s profile anonymously, can be bought.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Startup Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB) limits the number of approving swipes.

Each “yes” costs a certain amount of domestic currency – beans. They are given to the new user for three consents, and the new beans will come the next day or the beans can be bought for real money.

Here the last word is left to women. Every day men are offered to consider 21 profiles. Girls see only those who are interested in their profile. It is they who decide with whom to start a dialogue.

Approval, of course, is not always mutual; there are even less bilateral likes. Chat and dating are a value, and there cannot be many of them. A person invests more in them, a partner receives more. The theoretical result is more weddings. In practice, hardly anyone correctly read the statistics, but the main thing is that the feelings are different regarding Tinder, and there is something to advertise.

Plenty of Fish

A free site with 4 million daily users who send about a billion messages per month. You will be asked to take an individual test to determine your relationship requirements. Depending on the answers, you can choose a mate.


This site has existed since 2000 and is suitable for finding a serious relationship. According to creator Neil Clark Warren, approximately 54 million people use eHarmony, and the site itself is “responsible” for 4% of marriages in the United States. Of course, you don’t have to immediately strive for a wedding, but you can be sure that not only people who are looking for a couple for a few dates are using this website.


The founders of the project relied on a strict selection of candidates: according to their statements, finding a millionaire in the vast online platform is as easy as shelling pears.

Its goal is to match the so-called intellectual and financial elite.

Since EliteSingles positions itself as a site for the middle and upper social classes, it is first necessary to answer questions about education. Then you are invited to evaluate your personal characteristics, sexuality, health, and appearance on a scale of one to seven.


 Foreigners like to gather here to find couples from another country. This is not a mandatory rule, of course. The site is more suitable for a young audience, and it is not as serious as eHarmony, nor does it ask you a bunch of questions. It remembers the people to whom you like the photos and then selects a suitable candidate for dating. The site is paid.


Tinder is a mobile app designed to help people get to know other local singles in a simple online environment. The software is one of the most popular and best dating apps in the world, and since its first launch, it has successfully created over 10 billion pairs.

In most countries, Tinder is the absolute leader in terms of downloads among mobile dating apps. Its audience totals 250 million people in 196 countries. The app was released in 2012 at Hatch Labs.

Immediately after the launch, Tinder began to be in demand: in January 2014 the number of users exceeded 10 million people, and by the end of that year – 40 million. According to the authors of GrowthHackers, Tinder is the first online dating service whose users discuss their best online dating experience with friends, while previously recognized in the use of best dating websites was not accepted.

Tinder wins due to its gamification, Morgan Brown and Everett Taylor from GrowthHackers are sure: the mechanics of “swipe” are like flipping through a virtual deck of cards. This process takes a minimum of time and does not require an increased concentration of attention.


One of the effective ways to expand the circle of acquaintances is specialized online services, where you can chat with any number of users for free. The frantic rhythm of life sometimes leaves no time for full communication in real life. Thanks to Bumble’s resources, you can quickly make acquaintances with people who share your interests and aspirations. It is aimed at creating a friendly, business or romantic relationship.

Unlike numerous good dating sites, Bumble has its own individual features. It breaks stereotypes and help girls who want to communicate, but are embarrassed to take the initiative. At Bumble, online dating is not held in the usual format when a man initiates communication, but vice versa. If there is sympathy between users, the girl herself takes the first step towards new acquaintances! Thanks to Bumble, you can protect yourself from unpleasant users, stop wasting time waiting and start communicating with those who are really interesting to you.

Registering and filling out the “My Page” section will take you a minimum of time, after which you will get access to tens of thousands of profiles of users from different countries and regions.

Thanks to these online dating sites, millions of people were able to make new friends and create happy relationships. No more stereotypes and territorial boundaries! Just create an account on Bumble and click on the “Login” button to discover the amazing possibilities of modern online dating. This platform is considered one of the best dating sites for women.


Hinge positions itself as a friendlier than others, a dating service aimed at people in search of long-term relationships. Hinge is relevant for educated, living in the city millennial women who are in search of relationships.

Hinge contrasts itself with services like Tinder, where the search for potential partners involves viewing photos of people who are now close to the user’s geolocation. In Hinge, users can see a detailed profile of a person, and the service itself offers partners with whom the user has at least one common friend.

About 30% of Women Consult with A Friend About Their Profile. Only 16% Of Men Do

What does this mean? Girls are more likely to worry about the quality of filling out a profile. And the opinion of friends is important to them. This allows you to consider your mistakes and create a really more attractive profile for dating. They are advised at the expense of selected photos, provided information about themselves, etc.

Men are more independent in this regard and create a profile as they like. But if they often resorted to the help of friends, then they probably managed to provide more relevant information about themselves. Surely this would increase the number of successful acquaintances.

Online Dating Saves People $6400

Researchers at ConvergEx Group make an interesting calculation. They calculated how much money couples who meet online and couples who do not meet online spend. The latter spend an average of 42 months before the wedding. Those who meet online spend on average about 18 months to get married. In monetary terms, this saves up to $12,800 for two (or $6,400 per person), if we take into account that about $130 a week is spent on dates.


After reading this article, you will learn how to meet a girl on a dating site, take her phone number and make an appointment.

This is a collection of online dating experiences of several people. It took many hours to view many profiles, conduct experiments and analyze communication with different girls. But we also consider this experience valuable and we want to share it. The main purpose of dating online is to arrange a meeting with the girl or get her phone number.

Your success with the opposite sex directly depends on how you present yourself. And this can be done only with the help of a profile – original and memorable.

And finally, the purpose of dating online is real communication and creating relationships. But it so happens that it is very interesting and fun to chat with a girl online. There are many cases where people for months, and sometimes texting for years, while in different cities. And then they met and became close people. Of course, it’s great if you immediately managed to transform the texting into a real meeting, but if the texting is addictive and you like it, you should not refuse it.

The FAQ 

How to write a dating profile?

To properly draw up your profile on a dating site, do not be shy or lie. Sooner or later your fraud will reveal itself. After all, for this, the Internet exists so that different shy guys can find a way to the female heart. You can’t write about your sexual preferences – this scares off almost all normal women, and only women of easy virtue will react to your profile! The intimate details of your body are also best omitted. The mention of hairiness, scars, the size of individual organs – all this is too personal and is already known in real life. Do not write about your favorite poses – this is bad form. Better tell how you dream of raising children. For an adequate girl, this will be a signal that you are a reliable man, but whom you can rely on and with whom she can create a strong family. 

What are the bases in dating?

To make it easier for a girl to start a conversation with you, indicate as fully as possible your vision of your relationship with her. Do not get hung up on the color of your hair or the cut of your eyes, do not rush to limit the age of your future darling. It is better to write about who you want to see next to you than to list bad habits that you are not ready to put up with. 

Here is a great example. Let’s say you don’t smoke and want the girl not to smoke. Fine! But sometimes beautiful girls smoke just out of curiosity or because it’s cool. For your sake, if she falls in love, she will surely quit cigarettes. And by indicating explicitly that you do not tolerate smoking women, you will forever dig a gap between you and deprive yourself of a chance to get acquainted with another beauty. Read various dating site reviews to find the best service for you. 

How to find out if someone is on dating sites for free?

If the user is not in the Top list, then most likely he uses the profile for free. If he uses any paid features, then his rating on the site will tell about it. A paid membership allows finding a person quicker. 

How to start dating?

Hobbies, films, music, sports – these are safe topics. Explore your partner profile – you might find some interesting ideas for conversation there.

Behave naturally. When a person tries to wear a mask, this is immediately evident. Being dishonest is a bad strategy for a more or less lasting relationship.

What to talk about? About simple and pleasant. Your communication is just beginning, you do not need to behave right away as if you had known each other for a hundred years, and load the other person with your problems.

Guys are forced to yawn out of boredom ladies’ revelations about clothes, cosmetics, and other such things.

Girls don’t like stories about cool friends-mobs and stories about how gloriously you drunk last Friday. They are frightened off by excessive obsession, jokes about sex hints that it is time to get to know each other better and dubious compliments.

What is an adult in dating?

Most free dating sites allow you to not only find a partner to create a family, but also a person for a quick relationship. There are also whole specialized web resources designed to search for short-term relationships. This is called adult dating. There are also more focused on international dating sites that allow you to find a partner for certain intimate preferences.

What is transgender dating?

This is a group of new dating sites and apps that allows you to find a partner for sexual preferences. Transgender people are registered here, as well as other people who are attracted by representatives of non-traditional sexual orientation.

What is a Christian dating?

On Christian popular dating sites, you can find yourself a person who worships a particular Christian religion. This helps to find people who are close in spirit to create a strong and happy family. You can find a person who belongs to a particular denomination.

People should not be alone, they should love and be loved. For every person on earth, there is a soul mate intended by God and good, faithful, selfless friends, but it’s just sometimes difficult for people to find each other. Maybe you will find friends or meet your fate on dating sites?

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What age should you start dating?

A person is free to have a romantic relationship at any age when he feels that he is ready for it. But many most popular dating sites have age restrictions for users. So, many popular local dating sites accept new users over 16 or 18 years old. Some web resources only register users older than 21 years old.

Dating profile examples

Examples of female profile

Romantic, pretty and friendly girl. A little sentimental. I do not like when they lie to me. I like to read books and fall asleep under the sound of rain. I want to meet a future husband for whom the main value in life is a family (Short but concise description).

I prefer to remain a mystery than writing banalities or embellished reality in order to get married as soon as possible 🙂 I want to meet a young man in the future to create a family with him, who will be a small kingdom, where he is very glad to relatives and friends, but most of all appreciate time held in private with each other (Unusual and with humor).

Examples of male profile

I love to lead an active lifestyle and travel. I want to find a woman with whom I can share the joys and emotions in life. I am looking for a girl for whom the family is not an empty phrase (short but bright).

I am a lawyer and sometimes am a bore, but I can boast of interesting hobbies – collecting and cycling. I also have my own blog. I am looking for a decent girl for a serious relationship. I want to adore her and make her the happiest wife and mother in the world.