Disability Dating
Today, society is changing its attitude towards people with disabilities, gradually blurring the line between people with disabilities and ordinary people, removing barriers to the perception of such people. Instead of a medical approach, a social one arises aimed at integrating people with disabilities into a society where all barriers between people are eliminated as much as possible. Therefore, today there are many more places where a disabled person can meet: on the street, in the cinema, in public transport. 
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Disability Dating - Meet Disabled Singles (Review of Best Sites)


A disabled person is required to adequately perceive the surrounding reality without a sense of shame or self-pity – if you try to develop self-esteem in yourself, then others will sooner or later notice this and appreciate it properly. Only through self-respect can a disabled person become

How to meet a disabled person?

Both among disabled people and among healthy people there is an opinion that disabled people should create families only with disabled people. This is not spelled out in any state laws; this framework is established by society itself, comparing people with disabilities with subhuman people. The question of how to get to know such people is extremely relevant in our time. Indeed, due to physical restrictions, not all the benefits of modern society are accessible to people with disabilities.

Of course, people with disabilities can find a mate in community centers for people with disabilities, through mutual friends, in any public place. But this is all a matter of chance, which can be waited for years without waiting.

According to statistics, women with disabilities are more actively searching for a couple, and men with disabilities claim that they will live without help, but most likely, this is just embarrassment or bravado.

The question of how to meet a disabled person is greatly simplified by social networks. There are special dating services for people with disabilities. Hide your disability is not worth it, you need to clarify it right away. There are people who are interested in this profile. Those who are not interested in this acquaintance will pass by. After all, there are many families where one or both spouses are disabled.

Best Disabled Dating Sites 


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Everyone wants to find a mate. A huge number of users are connected to this resource daily. No one should be alone, regardless of diagnosis (amputation, wheelchair, cerebral palsy, etc.)

Modern technologies allow you to find your loved one using a smartphone. Over the years, people with disabilities have connected through this unique service and eventually got married.

Service workers manually scan each profile and remove suspicious users. You can not worry about your safety, there is no place for scammers.

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In the search section on this site you can choose for yourself who you want to chat with. In the questionnaire about yourself, you can specify all the information that you want to open to others. The more you write about yourself, the faster someone will be interested in you. Sometimes in society there is such an opinion that it is not worth getting acquainted with a disabled person because the disabled person can be a bore, a whiner, and with him the whole life will be based on the principle of pity. But these are all private characteristics of individuals, more precisely, these are stereotypes that have developed in society. Therefore, your first task after registering on the site is to paint your profile in such a way that the people reading it have the right impression of your personality.

Disabled Passions 

The site is clearly structured and clearly arranged.

Registration is free for both men and women! After registration, male members have the option to take out a slightly paid premium membership; is not mandatory!

Meet Disabled Singles

Consent especially supports people with physical disabilities or illnesses or mental illnesses, as well as sexual dysfunctions in finding a partner and finding friendship.

This affiliate agency for people with disabilities and diseases. Their assessments show that participants with disabilities or diseases have a great chance to successfully complete the search for partners and friendship with us.

As a participant with physical or mental disabilities, you can be sure that the platform will offer you only other participants who claim that disability or illness is not an obstacle to the partnership. This allows people with disabilities and disorders in unison to be as effective as casual dating and finding a friend.

Disability Match

This site is a dating platform exclusively for people with disabilities or diseases. However, there are members who do not have disabilities or illnesses. Rather, the platform bases the principle of acceptance, so that people with disabilities and non-people with disabilities can also find each other based on mutual acceptance. This is distinguished by the unison of single exchanges that are aimed only at the disabled.

Thus, single people with disabilities and diseases achieve great prospects for a successful search for a partner. For people with disabilities and diseases it is especially good to find friends.

Disabled Dating 4U

This site for many years understood itself as a meeting place for single people with disabilities who are looking for a partner. According to their own data, the portal is the “largest dating site” for people with disabilities. The sex ratio is balanced, with a small majority for women, because access is free for them. Thanks to many offers, such as forums and chats, there is an active and regular participation of registered singles.

The profile is populated quickly and is limited to the most important master data. On other profile pages, lonely when searching for partners, if necessary, provide information about their disability, interests, hobbies and preferences. You can also upload a profile photo and other photos to a photo album. If the user accesses someone else’s profile, he simply sends him a message or leaves a greeting on the board – with any luck, the letter will respond quickly.

Dating helps with a filtering function that sorts by gender, zip code, age and username. You add friends by invitation and save them to your friends list. In addition, the current profiles in these categories are listed according to their relevance using the central gender search (he searches for you or him, and you search for him or her).

Disabled-Dating also offers dating sites for the disabled. Unlike other resources, this dating site has less additional content, as the site is mainly oriented to dating.

The age of members is very wide and varies from users aged twenty to older people over the age of seventy.

The profile is simple and offers a lot of space for basic and additional information, such as interests, hobbies and characteristics of the desired partner. Some members use the ability to upload more photos to the gallery than the profile image.

The contact is easily established by email, using an invitation to chat, “winking” or using an electronic card for personal design. Also guest books that are built into each profile are suitable for a pleasant greeting. For smartphones, there is a mobile version of the site.


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Quick Disabled Dating Facts and Statistics

  1. General topics. Before you start talking or already in the process, try to find a common topic for conversation. Go into the profile of the interlocutor – look at his wall and the groups to which he is subscribed, I’m sure you can make an approximate social image of a person and build the correct course of the conversation.
  2. Exclude sweating. Completely. I think there’s no need to rant, I’ll only say that at the very beginning of acquaintance and communication, the use of sweaty words will obviously be superfluous.
  3. Disabilities and disabilities. Do not be afraid to talk about your disability or other disabilities. However, there is no need to complain about life. You are a self-sufficient person and self-confidence is a necessary aspect when meeting people.

Dating Advice for People with Disabilities

  1. Blurry, fuzzy photo. Guys, you want to meet a girl or a guy on the Internet, and here, if you please, your picture is the first thing you pay attention to. Try to choose or make the highest quality photo. Think over the background, the light: it’s not very good when you see a saucepan with dinner or a crumpled bed in the back of your photo, and the shadow of the phone you are taking a selfie covers half of your face. And smile – this is important!
  2. Description of yourself. If the “candidates” began to read the ad, then your photo has already attracted attention. Do not write an essay. Say hello, write your age and place of residence. I think it would be appropriate to indicate the group of disability and disease. You can mention hobbies, interests, hobbies.
  3. Description of who you are looking for. I was always amazed at the requests of people who want to get to know each other, sometimes you read and do not freely think that among people without disabilities, it is difficult to find such people, but here they are looking for super disabled people. Try not to indicate the desired age, because you wrote, say, 30 years old, I doubt that a woman 54 years old will write to you. Do not put strict limits – “without bad habits”, “working”, I think you can always get a job, and bad habits – quit.
  4. Spelling errors. I understand that you are not at a dictation or at a Russian language lesson, but you must make a positive impression. Try to write correctly, if you are not sure of the spelling of the word – check it on the Internet. The announcement of acquaintance is small, so you can try to write it correctly.

In the same way you can use any dating site. All people are different, but everyone wants to find family happiness, regardless of nationality, education or health.

  1. Of course, now there is a unique opportunity to meet a person who can live anywhere in the world, doing this at any time convenient for you. Now, in order to realize such an idea, there is no need to go abroad at all, there is no need to attend international business conferences, other events, etc.
  2. As a rule, many people value their time, and it does not remain for real life. Naturally, this is the ideal, optimal platform, designed to search for like-minded people.
  3. Disabled dating sites are famous for the fact that here the user can set those restrictions on the body, age, which are necessary for him. Thus, the system displays only those persons who will become suitable for the filter, and not all in a row.
  4. Many people are shy by nature. Naturally, for them to approach and get acquainted with a man who liked the street is an insurmountable obstacle. Social networks will help to solve this problem, because in online communication you can think over phrases, you do not need to blush, stutter, talking about your life and yourself in general.


People with disabilities seek relationships with their own kind. No matter how cruel it may sound, people with disabilities are often discriminated against by a healthy society. When one of the young people getting married is disabled, this, unfortunately, often causes bewilderment in society.

Here, in fact, is a brief instruction for such a sensitive business. In general, just be yourself!

Best Brides By Countries:

Mainstream Dating Websites

  • Centers and dating services. Entrepreneurial people, realizing the relevance of dating services, are successfully developing their commercial organizations that help people with disabilities to get acquainted and build relationships. And public organizations implement social projects aimed at solving these problems, with the difference that they do it for free.
  • Sites and forums for dating. A huge number of special sites and forums have been created on the Internet where people with disabilities meet and communicate with each other. Just enter “Acquaintance for the disabled” in the search and the search engine will give you a lot of resources.


  • Groups on social networks. Social networks and groups within them, in my opinion, are the most suitable option for dating people with disabilities on the Internet. You do not need any additional registrations, it is enough to join the profile group and you can already look through mini-profiles of the same seekers for new friends and acquaintances.
  • Sporting events for the disabled, parades, and other types of leisure activities. If health allows you, I beg you, do not forget about live communication. Try to lead an active social life, because by attending such events you already give the impression of a strong and positive person. This is very important and will facilitate your search for new friends, and maybe a second half.