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Adult dating is easier today than ever. Numerous adult dating sites and apps enable a straightforward search for sex partners and various other erotic pleasures. There are a few aspects that newcomers should know about Adult Dating to help them succeed in their search. Especially the men should internalize all the following tips and information.
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Overview of Top 100% Free Adult Dating Sites in 2020

What is the Adult Dating

First, you should know that many adult dating sites differ in the composition of the user group and the available search options. In addition, when choosing a provider, should be paid to a good image.

Casual dating sites are intended primarily for discreet people. Anonymity is the keyword here. Due to a lack of erotic variety here mostly bound, married or singles, who would like to be discovered by acquaintances in any case in their sex partner search. For this reason, the casual dating sites are equipped with good discretionary features that allow anonymous finding of affairs.

The search for erotic dates on most casual dating sites is based on contact suggestions. This means that only those users whose search preferences match will be displayed to each other. In addition, there are other ways to protect one’s identity, such as hidden images or anonymous photo galleries that are shared only with trusted persons. For “inappropriate” contacts, one is virtually invisible.

Erotic dating sites are designed less for discretion, but more for sexuality. The users are more open and do not make much of a secret about being on an erotic dating search. The search for suitable contacts is up to the users themselves, so that anyone with the help of search filters from all other member profiles can select the right partners for themselves.

The users of erotic dating sites have fewer concerns about uploading images into their profiles that are visible to all other members. All profiles and their own descriptions are accessible to all other registered members of the portal, regardless of whether the search preferences match or not. The users of erotic dating sites have more freedom within the members area and can move freely on the portal.

Best Adult Dating Sites


As a typical platform of casual dating, AdultFriendFinder does not have the best reputation. The American-based site focuses on finding a sexual partner – not the desire for a longer-term relationship. This should also be the expectation of the users, so as not to be disappointed by the offer.

But what about the offer that users can expect from AdultFriendFinder? On the one hand, registration on the site is possible for free. Already at the presentation other maxims play a role. An excess of bare skin on the American platform is not a reason to block the profile. Thus, even with a glance at the profiles, it is always possible to be confronted with unsightly sexual parts.

Allegedly, AdultFriendFinder has more than two million users in Germany alone. How many of them are currently still active can not be said with certainty. With this large number of members, it is possible in very different ways to get in touch. On the one hand there is the possibility of a simple message, which is already associated with additional costs. Added to this is the chance to engage in a spontaneous written chat with other members.

A special feature is the erotic component, which is emphasized in the AdultFriendFinder. So there is a separate category, in which attention is paid especially to live performances on the home computer. Anyone who decides to step in front of the camera as a user can save money. Because this is the opportunity to take advantage of numerous services free of charge.


Women and men who want to enjoy their sex life fully and do not shy away from indecent things should be in perfect hands at BeNaughty.

The activity of BeNaughty users is very high. After you have even initiated the first flirting attempts, you have the feeling that constantly pops up any chat window or waiting for a new message in the activity feed on demand.

BeNaughty is a modern dating site and dating app that can boast many useful features. The discussion forum of BeNaughty alone is worth a lot and can surprise with one or the other tip.

Ease of use in a nutshell: The portal is clearly structured and also offers a large and helpful questions and answers section. The termination is conveniently online possible and the contact to the customer service can be made conveniently via a contact form.

The costs for a BeNaughty Premium membership are in the middle price segment. Given the amount of functionality and activity on the site, the value for money is absolutely fine.

Anyone who has registered on this page and created his profile, will immediately notice that there is much eroticism in the air. As a premium customer, you have many opportunities to connect with other users. That is fun!

The user profiles contain a lot of information that makes sense when looking for a sexual partner. Asked are the favorite positions, erogenous zones, the favorite toys and even preferences in porn watching.

As far as the age and physical condition of the members is concerned, there is something for everyone here. The range is enough at the age of 20-50. Most users are between 25-40.

Tip: If you decide to create a paid profile on BeNaughty, you should also put a little more time into creating the profile. This pays off later in the form of positive reactions twice and three times.

Registering at BeNaughty is quick and easy. Within 3 minutes you can immerse yourself in the sinful database of this sassy dating offer. Once you have defined the password and user name and entered a short motto, all you have to do is confirm your e-mail and the adventure can start.

If you are logged in, you can then use numerous filter functions to get an overview of the most suitable members. In addition to the usual criteria such as age, region, perimeter and gender, you can tick another 70 criteria to flirt even more targeted.


Ashley Madison has been on the market for more than 10 years and has become the most internationally renowned Affiliate Agency during this time. By now, Ashley Madison has 56 million members.

Most members of the platform come from the US, Canada and Central Europe. These are the numbers at a glance:

  • The majority of members are in a relationship looking for an infidelity.
  • The average age of the members is relatively high at plus / minus 38 years. Also surprising – the women are on average a good year older than the men.
  • The gender ratio is 88% men to 12% women rather manly.

The trust of many users in the provider has suffered greatly from the big hack. That being said, there are those strengths and weaknesses that should be highlighted on the Affiliate Portal:

  • The portal is very easy to use and also the interface intuitive.
  • With the appropriate app, you can also look for an escapade while traveling.
  • There are only a small number of external fakes to discover and we received a few spam messages.


For those who are looking for a soul mate, they want to expand their circle of acquaintances and simply diversify their leisure. Dating sites in English are gaining more and more popularity. This is an easy way to meet people who are abroad. For example, the dating site allows you to meet people from different countries — America, Italy, Spain, Australia, Poland, etc. Currently, the number of active users is more than 41 million men and women. The site has great authority, safety and reliability. It uses a special approach that allows you to combine pairs to create long-term relationships. In the process of registration, each participant undergoes psychological testing, you will have to answer many questions. 


If someone is freshly separated or has no time for a relationship, casual dating is just the right alternative for them. There is no attachment and you do not have to stress yourself by taking responsibility and adapting to the partner. You do not have to justify yourself to anyone, because the roles are very clear right from the start. You can try something new and find the lack of physical satisfaction without relationships. You enjoy the benefits that couples have without being a couple with your contact.


The OKCupid dating site is a worldwide popular dating site for singles. The site is suitable for people worldwide, is becoming increasingly important and is suitable for all ages. The majority of the members, however, is more in the range between 18 and 30 years. Positive is in any case that there is a quick registration and then you can use the intensive personality test.

  • To sign up you have to complete a personality test.
  • At OKCupid, half of the members are from America.
  • The site is enormously popular, as more than 40 million visitors to the homepage speak a clear language.
  • The majority of the members are in the age group 20 – 30.

Anyone who wants to chat, flirt and fall in love is OK with OKCupid, even though the worldwide dating market offers rather little chance of success. On the part of the operators there is currently no information about daily active users, gender distribution or age structure. The numbers are all appreciated.

The personality test is important for you to get a suitable partner suggestions. Take enough time to answer as you can get higher quality matches. If you want to edit some answers at a later time, this is easily possible. The OKCupid personality test is the ideal way to not have to write any members, but to get appropriate suggestions.


Plenty of Fish, or POF is a dating website that has over 90 million users registered globally. Originally established in 2003 by founder Markus Frind, he managed to gain ten million users while running the site from his bedroom. Today the dating site is available in five different languages reportedly have an impressive 55,000 new sign-ups a day.

Why Are Mature dating Helpful?

A party in which six women come for ten men promises more success for the man than a party in which three women come to ten men. Therefore, online: always pay attention to the women’s share!

How are you supposed to know which adult dating services most women are into? When testing different dating portals, we always try to determine the gender ratio and go in our reviews on the membership structure. You can inform yourself about many dating sites.

Differences between men and women in adult dating

Unfortunately, it is a fact that more men are interested in sex than women. Most men get on the adult dating portals because they are specifically looking for it. You will find various adult dating services in the search engines and register with several of them. Therefore, there is no lack of adult portals on men!

Women, on the other hand, usually come to adult dating by chance, via recommendations from girlfriends, reports in women’s magazines or when they see a commercial on TV. They then search exactly for the recommended provider and login there only.

This means that most real women are found among those adult dating companies who advertised in women’s magazines and other popular media.

In addition, the presentation of the site should radiate a certain level, so that women feel addressed. If a portal decorates with half-naked girls who immediately show that their panties are loose, hardly a real woman will register there. Because no real woman wants to join an online puff. This should be kept in mind when choosing the right adult dating site.

How to choose the right adult dating site for men:

  • For adult dating, use large and well-known advertising providers. Renowned providers have the highest proportion of real women.
  • Stay away from pages where you can see a lot of bare skin without signing up. Most of these sites market a mix of broadcasters, pornography, prostitution or even self-made fake contacts to lure users of their money out of their pockets.

Women have a clear advantage in adult dating

Since men make up the larger interest group in adult dating services, women are clearly in the advantage. For one, because they have enough choice of potential partners at each provider. On the other hand, because adult dating sites, women also have financial benefits to make their own services more attractive to them.

Most adult dating sites are completely free for women, while men can only test their offers for free. Messaging is paid for men on most dating sites for adults. This ensures a balanced gender ratio in the communication area and also for a sophisticated tone.

Men who have to pay for the news, think twice about how to address a woman, so that the contact is answered. In free mail, men tend to send the same primitive message to as many women as possible, hoping someone will answer. So you put on mass instead of class, which reduces the quality of the site and moves most women to leave the provider. Completely free adult dating sites for men are therefore rare and have a very low proportion of women.

On adult dating sites with payment options for men, women are predominantly politely addressed and come into contact with men who know how to behave. Thus, ladies can plunge completely free into sophisticated sexual adventures.

Some tips for naughty dating

What are the benefits of adult dating on the Internet?

Today, people live faster, are more mobile and more performance-oriented. The Internet supports this process tremendously, because everything online is easier and more efficient: shopping, meeting friends and family on social networks, or even finding a partner. Everything can be done online. Not only the trend for serious online dating is increasing, but also the erotic dating sites are gaining in popularity.

  • Erotic dating is often misunderstood. It is associated with the paid sex agency or escort agencies that provide professional ladies to needy men. Of course, there are, but the real target group of the portals for erotic dating are mainly women, men and couples, the targeted and convenient online a partner for a non-committal, erotic meeting, an affair or casual sex. The likelihood of meeting open people with similar sexual preferences is certainly higher on an erotic dating platform than in the bar or disco. In addition, everything can be anonymous and discreet – another advantage especially for foreigners …


As already mentioned – level and correct approach are the nuts and bolts of adult dating. Do not forget: Private women looking for erotic dating on adult dating sites are not sluts or whores. Therefore, a message like: “Hey you, do you want a quick number?” not to start a date. Please be resourceful, polite and just gentlemanlike. That’s what women like!

Best Brides By Countries:

This should be considered when choosing the erotic dating portal!

It is certainly not easy to find a trusted adult dating site on the Internet. If you’re on the internet on Dating Dating, you’ll need to keep a few important things in mind to make the affair a success and avoid treacherous cases:

  • The design and professional appearance: Not only aesthetics counts, but also how authentic the page looks. Avoid portals for erotic dating that already portray “alleged” members half naked or completely naked on the homepage. Either they are fakes or the anonymity of the site can be questioned! It is also advisable to take a look at the terms and conditions or imprint of the adult dating site.


  • Membership and percentage of women: Be sure to keep track of how many active members are registered on the adult dating site. The larger the database, the higher the chance that you will succeed in finding the erotic date. Also important is the women / men ratio: it should be as balanced as possible.
  • Profile security – 100% anonymous: No one wants their name, personal details or even pictures to be published along with their sexual preferences. Before you make your registration, read the terms and conditions and the privacy clause. If the information is obfuscated, the site is not serious enough, so better keep your hands off it.
  • Paid services – fixed term or subscription? Most reputable adult dating service providers are charged and the so-called premium memberships work like a subscription. So beware for those who tend to forget their appointments often: inquire when exactly and in what form (post, fax, e-mail) you should terminate your termination at the erotic dating portal of your choice, otherwise it will extend the term of the premium membership!