Lesbian Dating
Not long ago, the scene of online dating was the exclusive territory of straight folks. Some dating websites used to purposefully exclude LGBTQ people. But as the new wave of dating apps entered the arena, the world of online dating experienced a revolution. While perfection is yet to be reached, websites and apps have come a long way in terms of offering inclusivity and acceptance to non-straight people. They are on the right path to creating a dating space for people of all flavors of genders and sexual orientations. Let's have a look at what the online dating world already has to offer to lesbians who are looking for fun and relationships.
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Top Rated Lesbian Dating Sites & Apps of 2020

What Are The Best Lesbian Dating Sites In 2019?

  • HER

This application caters to the dating interests of women that identify as lesbian, bisexual, and queer. In addition to broad dating opportunities and advanced matchmaking features, it offers a calendar of events attended by the queer crowd. It’s another wonderful opportunity for a single lady to meet new friends and love interests. HER’s success in the niche of lesbian online dating was recognized with a high-ranking award. 

In terms of design, it utilizes familiar swipes as a way to select interesting profiles. However, you get to enjoy much broader opportunities to describe yourself on your profile. A user of HER can have their photo galleries and fill in several boxes of text talking about their views, interests, and hobbies. And, of course, there are the usual fields where you need to state your gender, relationship status, sexual orientation, and other basic details that will help the perfect partner to find you. 

An interesting feature is “hearting” people’s profiles. In case you and the other person have liked each other’s profiles, the application will initiate a chat between the two of you. It’ll even suggest a topic to get the conversation started. All in all, while HER’s design is sometimes far from intuitive, it is one of the best applications where you can meet lesbians and queer women interested in serious relationships.

  • FEM

While FEM is equipped with all the traditional tools of a lesbian dating site, it also provides unique opportunities for its users with the option called “Rooms”. You can browse a variety of rooms and join the ones that suit your tastes. It’s a wonderful way to meet new people over an engaging chat, exchange selfies with cuties, and share your deepest thoughts in a frank late-night conversation. The currently trending list of chat rooms includes W4W meetups, discussions of makeup and skincare, and an NSFW room called “Naughty or Nice”. 

This is one of the specialized lesbian dating apps that cater to the dating needs of lesbian and bi-curious women. FEM takes a serious approach to profile verification, weeding out any fake accounts that are rather ubiquitous on other LGBT dating sites. Another distinctive feature of FEM is enabling the users to upload video intros to their profiles. You get a chance to see and hear your match before even starting a conversation with them.

  • Bumble

The surge in Bumble’s popularity occurred a few years ago. Its main distinction was being the app where only women were allowed to send first messages. According to the application’s official description, depriving men of the opportunity to initiate conversations and leaving this right exclusively to women resulted in an incredibly high rate of successful chats resulting from matches. 

Bumble isn’t one of the specialized lesbian date sites, but it is extremely queer-friendly. Start by stating your sexual orientation and gender in your profile and proceed to customize your experience with the help of various features this app incorporates. Bumble also boasts of the “Best Friend Forever/BFF” feature which prevents unfortunate situations where one person is looking for lesbian dating opportunities and the other merely wants to meet new friends.

The main advantage of Bumble is its high customization potential – much higher than in common swiping apps like Tinder, although somewhat lower than on HER. This app for lesbian dating online allows you to fill in your profile with half a dozen photographs, as well as various traditional text boxes that cover your education, occupation, and interests. 

  • Tinder

This popular app belongs on every ranking of dating portals, as it caters to the broadest possible audience on an international scale. Initially founded as an app for straight people, Tinder has included many queer-friendly features in its portfolio of matchmaking tools. One of its first steps towards a highly inclusive experience for all users was complementing the “gender” field with options other than “man” and “woman”. Now the users of Tinder are no longer restrained within these two arbitrary boxes when it comes to stating their gender identity.

Nowadays, the presence of non-heterosexual ladies on this app is fairly significant – you can easily find lesbians, bisexuals, and queers with its help. LGBTQ women have noticed that if you adjust your preferences so that your matches include men, the matches the application will show will be predominantly with male users. Thus, lesbian girls set their preferences to exclude male users when they desire to meet a lady.

Technically, Tinder does not belong among specialized dating sites for lesbians. However, its huge worldwide popularity has made it a dating destination for queer and non-binary ladies interested in a lesbian date, hookup or relationship.

  • OkCupid 

Of all the portals that can be recognized as lesbian dating websites, OkCupid can boast of the broadest variety of customization options. In comparison with the swiping-based apps, it offers more substantial features for matchmaking among lesbian women. For instance, when filling in your profile, you can achieve a higher degree of specificity when describing your identity. On OkCupid, you can select among 20 genders and gender markers, as well as 12 sexual orientations.

A one-of-the-kind matchmaking feature of OkCupid is the unique algorithm of “percent matching”. Every member of this platform is requested to complete a questionnaire. When you browse a user’s profile, the system will show you the percentage of how good of a match the two of you are based on your answers. Many lesbian users appreciate this feature for giving them an early opportunity to see the degree of compatibility between their and their potential partner’s system of values and beliefs. Another interesting feature of OkCupid is the button designed specifically for the lesbian and queer crowd – it makes your profile invisible to straight people.

  • GirlfriendsMeet

The front page of GirlfriendsMeet proudly declares the website’s main promise – exclusively for ladies. This dating network is an excellent answer to your “how to meet lesbians” question. It’s a great place for queer women of all flavors to have engaging conversations, form connections and pursue relationships with like-minded lesbian girls. The interface of GirlfriendsMeet allows you to easily search up users who share your tastes in music, books, movies, and shows. The subscription system is based on “coins” of different values and gives the premium members access to enhanced connectivity and matchmaking tools. What makes it one of the best US lesbian sites is that you don’t necessarily have to purchase these coins to enjoy the premium feature – you can earn them through your activities on the platform.

GirlfriendsMeet will automatically give you suggestions of suitable lesbian matches, but users are also free to look around and find new connections based on their interests or location. Although the site’s user base is not that large, it is a safe and comfortable space for lesbian and queer women. All its services can be accessed free of charge, which makes it an excellent starting point on your first journey into the lesbian dating world.

  • SheMeetsHer

As the best black lesbian dating website in the USA, SheMeetsHer offers an opportunity for non-straight ladies of color to post personals and meet like-minded women interested in a committed relationship. Joining the site and obtaining a membership is free and doesn’t have an expiration date. The package includes the basic options, such as creating your own profile and browsing other lesbian ladies’ profiles. Having an inbox and sending out messages are the premium options – they are available the website’s inexpensive monthly subscription.

Although the number of specialized lesbian dating sites has been growing steadily in recent years, few of them have an ethnic focus. That’s why SheMeetsHer stands out among the competitors. It is the best destination for African-American ladies pursuing casual or serious lesbian relationships. Easy navigation and a variety of search and matchmaking options are among other advantages of SheMeetsHer.

  • LesbianFriendsDate

This website functions as a social club that caters exclusively to single lesbian women that want to find new friends, a romantic partner, or just companionship and engaging conversations. LesbianFriendsDate is excellently optimized for the use on mobile devices, and signing up is available at no cost – but you need to synchronize your profile with your social media account. Founded as a public-spirited social mission, it has grown and developed to be included in all lists of top lesbian dating sites. However, the team that stands behind the website continues to make donations to charity from the revenues generated by advertisements.

LesbianFriendsDate offers its new members to dive into the wonderful world of lesbian dating and meet thousands of queer ladies for romance or friendships. This niche online community is a convenient way to find a serious or casual lesbian date in your area. The search features will help you meet a like-minded person, while the connectivity tools will help you sparkle a chat and get to know each other a bot before meeting up in person.

Lesbian Dating: 5 Tips For Courting Girls

  • Authenticity is crucial. Your goal on a lesbian dating app is to meet a woman who will love you for who you are – and not for your made-up identity. An honest approach works best when filling in a lesbian dating profile. At the same time, don’t be overly modest – write it up as though you’re in love with yourself. What attracts lesbian women that browse dating websites and apps are vulnerability and sincerity. But don’t try to describe yourself through set-in-stone categories if you’re not exactly sure about your identity yet.
  • Plenty of tact is required. Single lesbians who go on a dating app or site with a mindset that most members won’t be worth their time struggle a lot with finding a date. Keep in mind that a person’s lesbian dating profile does not tell their entire life story or comprehensively display their personality. At the same time, if you start to chat someone up and discover a trait that is a turn-off or dealbreaker for you – just tell them you’re no longer interested. There is no point in arguing over who’s wrong or right in this situation. Don’t waste your time and move on to your other lesbian matches.
  • Learn to listen. When you’re getting to know each other online, you should ask questions and pay attention to their answers. It’s a good time to learn to read between the lines. Be mindful of how much you’re talking about yourself and demonstrate curiosity about your potential lesbian partner’s life and personality. If the person seems indifferent or lacks compassion, it is time to move on.
  • Flirt away. Online lesbian dating does not have to be rigid and awkward. Your insecurity and lack of confidence will show through your texts. Your lesbian match might get a wrong impression of you, thinking you’re an uptight person. Try to make your first conversations light-hearted – tell your lady jokes and funny anecdotes, flirt with her and compliment her photos, ask her about the things that make her happy. 
  • Don’t take rejections personally. You cannot be every single lesbian’s type. Rejection is an inherent part of the dating world, so you have to learn to handle it maturely. Unfortunately, every community has toxic people who will make a personal dig at you instead of a simple “sorry, not interested”. Don’t take it close to heart. Give yourself the due praise for taking the chance and move on to the next match.

Why Do Lesbians Opt For Online Dating?

  • Pressure-free environment. One of the greatest advantages of lesbian dating sites is that you get to be in full control of the experience. It is up to you to select a person to chat with and to decide whether or not you want to meet them in an offline setting. You can develop your relationship at a pace that is comfortable for you or even shut it down with ease whenever you want to.
  • Lesbian lovers are easy to find online. Dating apps and sites are simple to use and give you access to the profiles of hundreds and thousands of lesbian girls interested in casual fun or a lasting relationship. You only need to decide what you’re looking for and spend a few minutes on filling in your profile – and you’re ready to conquer the new grounds of online lesbian dating.
  • Great opportunity for building non-romantic LGBT connections. Dating is about getting to know different people and deciding whether they’ll make a perfect partner for you. Along the way, you’ll meet many wonderful lesbian girls who may not be your type in the romantic sense. With its chat rooms, forums, and interests-based matchmaking algorithms, online dating gives you an excellent chance to find new LGBT friends and connections.

To Sum It Up

Lesbian dating sites are fairly numerous and populous, offering queer single ladies a chance for success in the online dating world. Whether you’re looking for true love or hookups, there are many online portals where you can meet quality women. Some of them used to be straight-only but have grown to provide inclusivity and acceptance to all sexualities. Some are specialized lesbian dating sites and apps created as a female-friendly space where single lesbians can find friendships and romantic relationships alike. As a lesbian woman, you’ll never feel out of options when you enter the online dating scene. Don’t hesitate to grasp this wonderful opportunity to build friendly connections and find your one true love!

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How To Build Up Confidence And Date Lesbians

Flirting with ladies as a lesbian is not subject to any rules. You’re free to approach the start of the conversation however you like. There are no expectations of a particular person to send the first chat message or a date invitation. This does not mean you can rely on a passive approach – sometimes you’ll need to woman up and take the situation in your hands. The majority of lesbian relationships start on dating apps and websites, which means you need to feel comfortable transitioning from a chat to a real date. Confidence and self-assurance are crucial to your dating success.

One of the simplest ways to give yourself a confidence boost is to put together several outfits that make you feel like the queen of the world. Think through what to put on going on the first date that will make you feel confident in your appeal. Prepare several powerful outfits for going out with your new romantic interest. Make sure the clothes you choose are not only stunning but comfortable and suitable for the kind of first-date activities you prefer.

Another trick to feeling more confident without much investment is to learn the so-called “power poses” and practice them when you’re out with your date. Poses such as taking a wide stance and putting your hands on your hips have not only a psychological effect. Studies have proved that high-power poses can affect the balance of hormones in your body, which results in a much-desired confidence boost.