Teen Dating
Dating sites are popular among people of any age but especially among teenagers and youths. Ask any couple where they met each other and most likely they will answer that on the Internet. This method of communication is very convenient and helps to expand the boundaries for finding a potential partner. Of course, don’t forget about social networks such as Instagram and Facebook, which are also platforms for online relationships.
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Teen Dating - Best Services to Date For Teenagers

However, the optimal conditions for love affairs are not their main goal. There are sites and dating apps for teenagers under 18 that provide everything you need for a successful search for a soulmate or friend.

What are teen dating sites?

Most likely you have already heard about these platforms, as some of them are very popular, for example, Tinder. If you haven’t had a chance to try one of these teen dating websites then the first thing you should know is that their task is to gather people who want to find love. Boys and girls register, tell about themselves in the profile, find a potential partner and build virtual and then real love relationships. It all sounds simple but even mobile dating apps have many features and useful sections.

The most important feature of dating websites for teens is the matching system, which differs depending on the platform. In short, it’s filters that users customize according to their preferences for their desired partner. You can specify the age, place of residence, elements of appearance, religion, etc. Thus, the site understands who you are looking for and will regularly offer suitable profiles for your review. You also have access to the catalog of all users. For communication, you can use “likes” or “flirting”, instant messages, chat, video messages, etc.

Usually, dating sites offer free registration and viewing the user base, but communication tools require payment. You must buy a monthly subscription which is not expensive but gives complete freedom of action. After, you can chat with other users, participate in a forum, read a blog, etc. Buying a membership for the long term can bring you a significant discount of up to 50%.

Which teen dating site to choose?

If you are new, here are a few key criteria for choosing a dating platform:

  • reliability and good reputation;
  • number of users and their location;
  • cost and variety of services;
  • matching system and its accuracy.

To check all these requirements, you can research by studying the information on the Internet and reading the reviews. Perhaps friends will help you? Anyway, you can find out about the best dating sites for teenagers below.


This is a teen dating app that has existed since 2012. Skout separates teens from adults and asks all users to indicate the age at the time of registration. This feature can be useful for parents who want to track the safety of their children on the Internet. A teen’s address is not disclosed, only the region. The moderation of posts is at a high level. The range of functions for communication is not so big but diverse. You can send instant messages like “hi”, “like” other users and chat with those who have already “liked” you. You can also watch livestreams or go live. For safety, sending pictures in private messages is closed. Users can earn points by viewing ads and using the app, uploading pics, logging on, etc.


This is a teenage dating online site and app that is designed for users from 13 to 19. However, many argue that this is an 18+ platform only as many users post provocative content and engage in sexually explicit conversations. When creating a profile, you can specify your age, gender, location and also add a photo. Teens can chat with each other, send a “wink” and use the “shake shake” function to talk with a random user. Services are free, but you can buy VIP membership too.


This is arguably the most famous dating app in America and around the world, which teens are especially active in. It’s accessible for people of any age but you can specify that you want to see only peer profiles. Registration is available through a Facebook profile. It is suitable for any Apple, Android and Windows devices. The application browses photos of users who live near you and you must swipe right to “like” a photo or left to “pass.” Mutual “likes” mean a match and open a chat for communication. This system is used in many dating applications, but Tinder is considered the first to invent it. The purpose of the platform is a live date and possibly casual sex.


Many parents consider Yubo one of the best among teenage meeting apps. As elsewhere, you register, fill out a profile, add photos and look for users to communicate. The platform has a special guide for teenagers to ensure safe use. The minimum age for registration is 13 years, but it’s worth considering that adults can also create an account which indicates the possibility of harmful content. Users can do livestreams. The system for viewing profiles is almost the same as in Tinder, swipe until you get a match. Yubo is a free platform but you can buy a Turbo package to increase your visibility.

Coffee Meets Bagel

This is a dating site for people of any age, but you can configure your search to show only your peers. Coffee Meets Bagel is very similar to Tinder as it also has a swipe system. Its main difference is that you can’t “like” everyone, but only a certain amount. It makes people more reasonable. However, anyone can unlock more “likes” by buying beans, the internal currency. In the case of matching, users can go to the chat room which is available for 8 days. You can extend this period up to 30 days by spending beans. The application has a good reputation, but it is quite new, so the number of active users may not be so impressive. However, CMB is actively developing.


This is a complete dating site where you can meet users of any age. At the moment, this is one of the largest platforms in the world where people can find soul mates. The number of profiles is about 30 million. Using filters you can choose not only the age of the desired partner but also his ethnicity, religion, location, etc. Most of them are over 18. Match sends potential partners meeting your criteria daily. Since the website is intended for an adult audience, to communicate with other users, it requires the purchase of membership, $20 per month. After payment, you get access to communication tools, chat room as well as a lot of useful articles.


This is another application where teens meet teens. It has age restrictions so users under 13 cannot create accounts. However, it is worth noting that the platform has many adults, so young users should be careful. MeetMe provides services for free but you can give other users virtual gifts that cost real money. Besides, it offers the possibility of promoting an account to get more fans. Teenagers can chat, watch livestreams or go live, as well as use the “Quick” feature to “meet people face-to-face right now.” Most of the reviews are positive, but it’s still important for parents to monitor what their child is doing on the site.


Kik is one of the online dating sites free for teenagers and so they love it. It’s more like a text-messaging app than a dating site. It’s great for talking with friends, sending photos, GIFs, videos, and regular messages as it doesn’t have character limits. Here, teens can also chat with strangers but carefully since the site is often blamed for sex-texting and mature content. Although the site accepts users over 13. The essence of Kik is that you are looking for a group of people who share your interests or create your own group where you communicate with members.


This is another dating app, but it may surprise you a little with its unique feature. Taffy does not show photos of users making them blurry, before chatting. Many find this idea exciting since it allows choosing based on the characteristics and not on the appearance of a person. It is also a lot of fun. Some individuals register on the site just to see what happens and find friends too. Taffy is a very simple application with a minimalistic interface that is suitable for teens. However, it is worth noting that adult users also like to use it.


Like Taffy, it’s another innovator among dating websites for teens. Bumble rules say that women can write man first but not vice versa. Guys can only wait. As in Tinder, to start chatting, the couple must get a match. Girls have 24 hours to start a dialogue, otherwise, the partner will be lost. It’s worth immediately saying that your profile in the app is not designed to describe your character. This is a visually-focused platform so choose your best photo. Bumble attracts many teens and adults as well.

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Teens and love relationships

Firstly, it’s normal when a teenager wants to be in a relationship. Many parents start to panic when they see that their son or daughter begins to experience an interest in the opposite sex. But this happens to everyone because puberty is when our hormones are over us. It’s organic and inevitable. The task of any parent is to help the child survive this period without pain. teenage dating sites can greatly help in this matter, as they are designed specifically for safe communication between minors. They also provide the ability to control the process.

The main problem of teenagers’ love life is a lack of experience. Almost all of us at this age have a false notion of dating and love. Most expect that a relationship is a fairy tale that they saw in a movie or read in a book, but it’s not. Real-life is harsher. In addition, many teenagers are very shy and are afraid to even go on a first date. Meeting sites can help with this. Users have to chat with each other for a long time before they meet live, which gives them time to get used to each other. Besides, teenagers feel much more comfortable on the Internet.

Your job as a parent is to find the right platform for your child. Talk to him/her about security online and explain what is love and sex life. Always keep in touch with a teenager and show your support.


Puberty is the time when children cease to be children and begin to learn adult life. They are interested in dating and dream of falling in love. Any parent wants his child to go through this moment of life calmly since any problem can lead to psychological trauma. Special dating sites for teens is a safe place which can help you and your son or daughter. Almost all of them are free or allow you to perform basic functions without the need to buy a membership. However, this does not exempt you from controlling your child while the process of learning the love life.