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In recent years, man/woman binary code has ceased to be considered the accepted norm. More and more people are changing gender or even identify themselves as those who have no gender at all. Back in the old days, trans people, or transgenders, were perceived as a specific phenomenon of the pop culture and show business. Today, however, they have become a part of our everyday life. The proof of this is a gender matrix consisting of 58 variants published in Facebook, the most popular network in the world.  
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Overview of Transgender Dating Sites That Work in 2020

Transgender dating and its difficulties 

Most transgender people, like many cisgender ones, dream of building a personal and intimate relationship to start a close-knit family. However, unlike cisgender singles, transgender ones have huge problems with sites where they can look for their destiny. On the universal dating platforms, this search is often limited by the offer of sexual relations or pure interest often accompanied by a stream of negative statements. 

In real life, places for communication are usually those special clubs where gays and lesbians come together. Transgender people may be perceived negatively in such organizations, as well as in TG communities, support groups etc. Not all transgender singles are ready to visit these places. That way, there are many restrictions for them. 

If a transgender person is willing to cast a lot with a cisgender one, the first thing that comes to the mind is whether the potential partner is ready to accept his/her atypicality. There are several ways of self-presentation developed by TG people themselves.  

  1. Not to disclose one’s transgender identity. Before the stage of affection in a relationship, it’s better to keep silent about the fact that you’re a TG person, as well as about operations in the past (if any), relevant docs etc. But only for a while. When a partner falls in love with a transgender, he/she will be more willing to forgive the understatement and accept the gender identity of a TG person with all physiological features.
  2. The immediate coming out of the closet at the time of registering an account on a dating platform or on a social network. This approach may screen out the whole range of unwanted partners who believe in the wrong myths about the transgender people. However, by an immediate showing down there is a risk for a TG person to receive uncomplimentary comments and experience humiliation, bouts of dysphoria and disappointment.  
  3. Looking for a partner among one’s own circle, that is, among friends, acquaintances, on a special trans dating site where people who come on such a platform have no objections to representatives of this gender type.  

The last way seems to be the most sensible, though there may appear difficulties with lesbian or gay groups on these sites.  

Top TS-dating sites

The optimal solution for finding a partner is to choose one of the narrow-focused Internet resources designed specially for transgender dating or cisgender people who are interested in such communication and partnership. Check out the most popular transgender dating sites and their peculiarities. 

TG Personals

This virtual dating agency is characterized by a high level of accessibility, a set of top-level features and easy navigation tools. Here you can use the search system with effective filter settings for free, read the blog, and learn about the latest news. According to, this resource is recognized as the best web platform in its niche. 

G Personals client base includes trans women and trans men, intersex persons, androgynous and those who are sympathetic to transgender people, although they are different from them.  

Anyone who has registered on this site may view the profiles of the community members, join them, respond to interesting offers, know who is a newcomer on this platform as well as who is online right now. On this transgender site, you can find not only a dear friend but also a travel companion, a person who shares your hobbies or just a business partner.  


This international platform is primarily a transwomen dating site. On this web portal, TS-women are looking for serious relationships and soul friends. TG oriented men who come here are carefully selected by a number of criteria, that is, freedom from transgender stereotypes, decency, sincere respect for trans women users. The moderators are instructed to strictly monitor compliance with ethical standards. 

Unlike the administration of many other transexual dating sites, almost all team members of this resource belong to the transgender community themselves. Therefore, such things as sexual services and prostitution are excluded here. The site developers are real IT-pros who have created an arsenal of convenient tools for a quick and effective search. Due to this, men can create their profiles fast and free of charge, and review their matches. This is not the whole story, though. Premium membership allows to get access to the chat. As for trans women, they may enjoy all features on this virtual platform for free. 


This resource for TS attracts people with a wide variety of features. The users of this transgender dating website may chat, talk on the forums and in the blogs. There are special tabs for those who are ready to disclose the whole information about themselves, that is, “post-op-”, “pre-op-” and “non-op-transgenders”. The users are granted an opportunity to make suggestions about improving the site. 

The team of the Internet resource puts a premium on the priorities of the community members, debunks old myths and stereotypes about transgenders, provides a safe and comfortable online environment for the comfortable communication. It’s easy to discover a heartfelt friend on this platform, but also a like-minded person. This website is highly appreciated for strict confidentiality. The accounts of transgender singles are not seen in search results. Therefore, user data is not available to outsiders. 

TS Dates

This is an online project that provides services for transgender hookup. It has attracted nearly 80 million people to the ranks of its users. It overtook all the competitors in terms of attendance, and it holds the honorable 4th place in the top. There are many useful features among its main advantages and settings, keeping privacy and a huge number of active transgender users. This web resource allows you to establish contacts  quickly and easily deepening and expanding them afterwards.    

Becoming a TS Dates member, as well as creating a profile and winking feature, don’t require any investments. Those transgender people who want to increase the chances of success are provided with premium membership privileges allowing access to the journal, blog and video chat. There’s a discount system for long-term premium customers.

The database of this Internet resource for transgender dating includes more than 100,000 trans women of all races and nationalities. The TransDate members are provided with unique opportunities. They can search for partners all over the world, participate in online correspondence, try transgender date in a video mode and read the confessions of like-minded people in the blog. The creators of this platform see their mission as upholding the rights of transgenders debunking the sexualized image of community members.  

The company pays great attention to the security issues leaving no chances for scammers, trolls and inadequate users. At the same time, serious men who are striving for dating a transgender woman, may count on online talk to the chosen one, as well as on safe meetings with this person in real life. Long-term relationships are normal here, passing fancies are not encouraged by the administration. 

TS Mingle

This is one of the most popular portals for those who are eager to meet transgender online. It’s significantly ahead of all its rivals as for the number of visitors and active members. Another difference of this platform that distinguishes it from many other ts dating sites is that the membership doesn’t cost a penny here. Transgenders, cross-dressers and transvestites are welcome on TS Mingle. The site encourages the search for partners for a serious relationship, not excepting the romantic ts date. 

When creating an account, transgender users may specify their status as woman, man, pre-op/post-op male-to-female/female-to-male. The advanced functionality of the site includes the video chat, live cam, sex toys, and will allow to find your person easily and establish contact with the chosen one. 

TS Scene

If you’re interested in free tranny dating sites, stop hesitating and join TS Scene. You won’t need any credit card to become one of the members of this resource. The registration will take no more than 5 minutes. For the efficiency of search, you should indicate your transgender personals in the profile: woman/man/couple/TG/TV/TS. In two or three days, you’ll receive some offers from potential partners to select the most attractive transgender candidates of them. 

While travelling, you may continue chatting with your online friends with the help of the available app. The search engine is easily set up for a certain age category, messages and flirt signs. If desired you may block users you are not interested in, or report any violations to the support service.  

Whom do transgender regard as a partner?

In 2014, one of the Vkontakte groups conducted a survey among the representatives of 8 groups of transgenders. They were asked to answer the following question: “Whom would you like to see as a partner?” 173 users of the social network wished to express their preferences. The results were as follows (the number of people in each group is indicated in parentheses): 

  • MTF (7) → MTF (4%);
  • MTF (0) → MTF (0%);
  • MTF (5) → woman (2,6%);
  • MTF (9) → man (5,3 %);
  • MTF (12) → no matter (6,9 %);
  • FTM (2) → FTM (7,5 %);
  • FTM (13) →  MTF (1,2%);
  • FTM (70) → woman (40,5 %);
  • FTM (21) → man (12,1%)
  • FTM (34) → no matter (19,7 %).

As you can see, transgender people chose almost all options from the proposed ones. The percentage of biological men/women is quite high. It shows that some transgender people are trying to start a family unit like an ordinary one and to merge with the mass of “usual” families. 

What is the basis of such a choice? The analysis of comments in social networks, as well as processing of transgenders’ questionnaires, lead to the conclusion that the alliance with similar people causes something like the internal transphobia or even dysphoric manifestations among trans people. That’s how they talk about it:  

  • “I don’t want any transvestite dating to avoid seeing something I’m overcoming myself”;
  • “I think we are somehow flawed, and I would like to see a full-fledged person next to me”;
  • “I want to forget about everything that has happened to me, andtransexual dating will remind me about it constantly” etc.

However, there are opposite opinions of those who are consumed with one desire only – to meet transgender: 

  • “He knows everything about me, I don’t need to explain anything”, “I won’t surprise him with my physiology”; 
  • “We have been through a lot, and we both know how difficult it is”;
  • “I like transgender people more than cisgender ones”;
  • “I couldn’t live with a cisgender person because of his/her stereotypes” etc.

For the majority of MTF respondents and nearly 20% of FTMs, it’s of no importance who a future partner will be. That way, they admit that they can start a family/a relationship with both a cisgender and transgender person.

Search for an admirer: the problem of fetishism 

Transgenders often opt for admirers – people who feel a strong affection for them, typically of a sexual nature. An admirer can be either a biological male/female or another transgender person.

The admirer is ready to accept the queerness of a trans person a priori, as well as his/her body and psychology. Even before trans dating this man/woman makes up his/her mind for a positive attitude towards a potential partner. When they meet, the admirer feels a sincere affection for a TG friend and has the satisfaction of the communication with a transgender person.

However, admirers often want a ts hookup solely for sexual joys and are not ready to build any other kind of relationships. Not all transgender people are satisfied with this. Almost all of them strive for warm personal relationships, and they want to cause interest not only to the body, but also to the soul. In some cases, a transgender person risks to come across misunderstanding and refusal of communication from the admirer. 

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How to meet transgender: life hacks and recommendations 

Follow these guidelines to find mutual understanding on a transgender dating site: 

  • When establishing a contact with a trans person, avoid such sensitive subjects as surgery and hormone therapy; wait for the right moment when your partner is on the edge of coming out of the closet.
  • Invite your new trans friend to meet on or in Facebook; the relaxed atmosphere of these Internet platforms that support the transgender community will allow to you to talk on common subjects and relieve the unnecessary tension. 
  • In tranny dating, avoid inappropriate use of these terms – “transexuals” and “transvestites”; be scrupulous in choosing personal pronouns “he” and “she”; it’s permissible to ask a person about the correct variant, but you’d better search for the profile of your partner in social networks.
  • Show respect for your partner’s preferences. Avoid stereotype beliefs about transgenders as hyper- or hyposexuals. 


  • In a  conversation with a transgender, don’t pay special attention to the external signs of femininity or masculinity, for your friend may perceive this as sexual harassment. It’s enough to tell him/her that you find him/her attractive. 
  • Refrain from asking questions like these: “Have you participated in any transgender TV show?” or “Have you ever been in a drag queen movie?”. Among transgender people, many of whom study in universities or are employees of well-known companies, such behaviour is regarded as bad manners.
  • Follow the rules of personal safety: don’t disclose your contact details (address, phone number etc.) to him/her, until you know this person quite well; instead, use the tools of the online communication offered on the site.

These recommendations are based on psychological research, opinion polls and personal experience of users of trans dating sites. They will help you easily establish contacts with someone you would like to see as your friend, husband or wife.


It’s not easy to find a partner for a transgender. Despite the tolerance of modern society and the achievements of medicine and law, there’s still a strong gender stereotype in minds of ordinary people. This reduces the level of transparency when establishing a partnership with a transgender.

On the other hand, there are many people who think differently and would like to become a friend to a trans man or a trans woman. They are supported by the Internet dating agencies developed specially for TG people. The best transgender dating sites espouse the pansexual orientation where personal traits play the leading role, not the gender. These are places where transgenders may feel relaxed and build harmonious relationships with those who can make them happy to the full.